BRIO Police Station

BRIO Police Station – Review

L adores his train set. It’s a lovely wooden one, so fits BRIO and loads of other brands. We have added to it over time and it’s getting pretty massive but when we were offered the chance of review the BRIO Police Station we jumped at the chance.

BRIO Police Station
Our BRIO Police Station

The BRIO Police station fits all the BRIO train and road sets. It has a roadway section the attaches to it and a rail section that runs along the side, there’s no where for the bad guys to escape to!!
It comes with a policeman and a bad guy as well as a police that has flashing lights and a siren. L literally loves it. 

BRIO Police Station
L couldn’t wait to get into it

The station has two floors accessed by a lift with the jail cell up the top. The cell is obviously sparse with just a bed. Downstairs there is a little bench and a noticeboard up on the wall. The police van can drive right in.

BRIO Police Station
The roadway entrance into the station

I really like all the details and how you can just get on and play with the set on it’s own, or add it into an existing set.

BRIO Police Station
A handy lift upstairs to the cell

For us it has added a new dimension to his play, literally, there’s a second level now. It has also made me want to add to the road sections, not just the rail sections.

BRIO Police Station

One of the things I love about BRIO is the fact that it is predominantly wooden, so it’s a shame to see the Police Station being mainly plastic. Though I completely understand why, weight, cost, simple practicalities. They have kept wooden touches though so I’m happy about that.

BRIO Police Station
The police van can park inside

Aimed at ages 3+ with a RRP of £29.99 this set really is lovely. I actually would have let play with this at a younger age than 3, it is super sturdy and doesn’t have anything that would have concerned me. I also think he will be playing with it happily for many years to come. It isn’t an obviously ‘young’ product. I am more than happy with the price too, you get a lot of play for not much money.

BRIO Police Station
The roof opens

It is a lovely toy and perfect as it adds into a much larger play set.

BRIO Police Station
I love that it has lights and a siren

Disclosure – we received our set to review free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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