BRIO Travel Train

BRIO Travel Train Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO collection that he uses with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really happy to be able to review the BRIO Travel Train.

BRIO Travel Train

The BRIO Travel Train is a lovely addition to an existing set and would actually be a really good first train, as unlike the vast majority of other trains available this one actually takes passengers! A large box, massive duffel bag and bag for life full of train track and accessories and it is our first and only train that takes passengers.

BRIO Travel Train

The TravelTrain consists of three carriages. Front middle and rear. All of which seat passengers. The front and rear carriages have a driver section, so very life like. You also get two little characters and I do love the BRIO people. You get a driver or conductor, can’t make my mind up and a little commuter chap.

BRIO Travel Train

If I’m going to be brutally honest about this train, whilst I love it, there is not much else to say about! The hinge action to open up the carriages is sturdy and easy for little hands. The train has a nice look and feel to it. I do really like it, but I can’t think of much else to write about it.

BRIO Travel Train

There only little niggle I have about this train is that it is all plastic and the classic BRIO wooden touches that you usually get with the new BRIO trains and accessories is entirely missing. I mean I don;t know where they would have fitted it in, I genuinely don’t, but it is a little sad to not have any.

BRIO Travel Train

I know this is going to last us for years and years and I think the build quality alone warrants the investment, but it’s the little things that set it apart too. The design, the fun, the ease of use. I can’t fault it. L has already been playing with his train set for a few years and I haven’t seen the enthusiasm drop at all, it is just growing with us.

The BRIO Travel Train retails at £16.99 and is suitable for ages 3+.

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Disclosure – we were gifted our Travel Train in return for an honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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