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Buddhify – Review

You may remember I recently wrote about some fitness apps that I loved, but that I had some reservations about my meditation app, Calm, as they had removed a lot of my favourite meditations and the subscription fee was just too high. Well just after I wrote that, buddhify got in touch to see if I would like to review their app.

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As a mindful meditation brand, buddhify, stands for what I want.  Buddhify, which has topped the charts in over 50 countries, is the market leader in on-the-go meditation. The app is easy to use, filled with meditations and even has a kids section.

It is based on a ‘wheel’ interface, a rainbow of colours with segments for any type of situation that will then open up suitable meditations. I like the way the meditations are broken down this way. It’s easy for me to find the perfect guided practise, if it’s when I’m on the computer, about to go to sleep, walking or doing something else, there’s something for me.

buddhify meditation options
Meditations you can add to your wheel

Whilst I like how the wheel works, there is something about the app that I can’t get on well with. Outside of the wheel, I don’t find it particularly intuitive. Getting to the settings and switching wheels isn’t as easy as it should be. It also isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Calm, which whilst it shouldn’t really matter, does to me. I like the animated backgrounds and soft audio effects offered by Calm. Being able to pick a background noise to go with my meditation is lovely and something I think buddhify is missing.

The meditations automatically track in my Google Fit app, this is important to me and something I like to do to track it. Great as Google Fit allows me to set meditations goals, something the app doesn’t support. I understand why they don’t, and they do have some statistic tracking but they aren’t easy to navigate too.

buddhify meditation wheel
Meditation Wheel

Buddhify is available to download from the app store for a single upfront-fee of £4.99. A very reasonable cost. Far more palatable than the hundreds I would have to part with to get lifetime access to Calm or their expensive monthly fee. So that’s a real plus. You get an ad free experience and more meditations then you will probably ever use.

Buddhify uses a range of meditation practises. Traditional, seated, formal meditation is available but buddhify believes that by learning how to meditate in the midst of it all, all parts of our life open up opportunities to develop calm, balance and kindness. I like this. I enjoy the more relaxed meditations that I can do alongside other tasks, that’s life if we’re honest. But I still like to sit to meditate and really focus on the breath and me for a while.

buddhify segment
A section of meditations

The meditations are recorded by different people, and you can see who recorded a meditation before you start it. This is great because there are some voices I just don’t get on with. Their tone being to dry or the content not having enough or even too much guidance. But as this is a very personal preference, having different options means that you can find the voice and style that suits you.

Buddhify’s mission is to inspire, empower and support people to live with greater awareness, kindness and wisdom, whatever life has in store. It’s hard not to be onboard with that.


As for which app I prefer, well that is tough. I have been loyal to Calm for a long time, but it no longers offers what it did. That being said I’m finding it hard to let go.

When it comes to cost buddhify wins hands down. Yes I’m using a free version of Calm but I get very little for that and the monthly costs are incredibly prohibitive. Buddhify you pay £4.99 and it’s all yours. Done.

This leads on to buddhify definitely winning on meditation choice, there are hundreds to choose from all for that £4.99. They don’t offer the programmes that Calm do, 7 days or 14 days focusing on one thing, but then I can’t access those anymore just day 1. I do prefer the voices on Calm though and the background sounds.

buddhify logo

The app itself. I’m sorry but I prefer Calm, it’s more polished, easier to use and prettier to look at. I find it a calm experience to use, which I do not with buddhify. I do really like the wheel and how the meditations are organised in buddhify though.

You can access buddhify using Alexa voice controls, that’s pretty cool and hope they bring that function to Google Assistant as I do not own an Alexa and love my Google Home. Anything I can do to get more connected and easier to access is a win in my book.

Overall buddhify is the best, more than anything because it is affordable.

Disclosure – I was given free access to buddhify for the purpose of this review.

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