BYO Mini Builds

BYO Mini Builds

It case you haven’t heard of BYO or Build Your Own, they make amazing cardboard kits that allow you to create amazing things. There are four Mini Builds in the range, a Ladybird, Honey Bee, Stag Beetle and Dragonfly. As well as the Mini Builds there are larger creations to be made as well, like a Telescope or Plane Launcher.

BYO Mini Build Ladybird
The Ladybird Kit

L has been sent the Ladybird Mini Build to make at home and it is great. It came with great instructions, is really solid and it moves! All the mini builds have a moving action, the ladybirds wings flap. You also get a little fact card to display with your creation.

All the card used comes from sustainable sources and slots together with no glue or tape required. The finished product is string and long lasting. This really is the ideal, eco conscious project.

BYO Concentration
BYO the concentration

L really enjoyed making his ladybird, the use of symbols in the instructions made it easier to find the right pieces and whilst he needed a hand here and there, he did most of it himself. I would say it took around half an hour, maybe a little bit more. It was lovely to see him so engaged and concentrating so hard and he has been left with a wonderful finished item.

The Mini Builds cost £9.99 each and I would definitely buy more, based on the quality of this build I would also look at larger ones. I think L would love the Marble Run for his birthday.

So proud of his finished Ladybird

Aimed at ages 8+ but definitely OK for younger kids if you can help them these eco-friendly and STEM inspired kits are just wonderful. Perfect for the summer holidays.

To find out more about the BYO kits and to get some great free summer holiday inspiration from their Makes! Section just head to the Build Your Own website.

Making his ladybird fly

Disclosure – we were gifted our Ladybird in return for a review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

2 thoughts on “BYO Mini Builds”

  1. I’ve heard of these but I had always assumed they would be really flimsy. Glad to hear that’s not the case, they actually sound fab.

    1. I thought the same if I’m honest, but they are really solid, it’s such a thick card they use and they slot together really firmly, almost clicking into place

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