anti-bacterial slime

Canal Anti-Bacterial Slime

With the kids back at school I’m thinking more and more about handwashing and antibacterial hand gel again. Its been ok whilst he’s been home because I’m there to monitor everything and have plenty of moisturiser. I can’t be there all the time though. We’ve recently been using the Anti-Bacterial Slime from Canal Toys and it’s been fun.

boy with green slime
Look at that cheeky grin

Before Christmas L had been getting such sore hands, dreadfully chapped and red. The constant hand washing and hand gel use had just ruined his little hands. So when we went out at weekends for walks or bike rides he was understandably less than keen to use anything. We got by with plenty of hand cream and just being gentle but it was hard to see and resulted in many tears.

boy with green slime
He knows it’s antibacterial and makes sure to cover his hands

The Anti-Bacterial Slime doesn’t have any of that sting to it, it doesn’t smell like the hand gels either. It is just normal, brightly coloured, fun to play with slime. No arguments, no fuss, no pain. It is literally just fun. Even now, having been back a month and with his hands starting to get sore again, using the slime has been absolutely fine.

I found with both tubs we had the first time you played with it it was a little sticky and messy, but as soon as it had been used for a while it was fine. Goopy, slimey fun. OK I wouldn’t let him play with it on the carpet, but I was more than content to leave the room with him playing and know that I wouldn’t be faced with a huge mess.

anti-bacterial slime

I think this would be great for children in class, a little pot on the desk to play with. So long as you could trust them to stop and not be silly! Also great for a bit of sensory play and being healthy and clean at the same time.

For us at home it is good to play with when we get in from our walks, or school, a few minutes to calm and decompress whilst leaving me safe in the knowledge the main bulk of any germs have been dealt with. It would never replace hand washing but it has replaced some of the more immediate arguments.

boy with green slime
It soons turns to more natural play, that still has the same outcome!

Importantly it kills up to 99% of Bacteria on hands,  the special formula has passed the most stringent safety standards will help children keep their hands clean and bacteria free without relying on adults for application, which just makes it easier for all involved.

I like that it can be used again and again as it has been designed for multi-use, the Canal Anti-Bacterial Slime pots can be used over and over again for up to a month. The pot comes with a screw cap lid and an interior lid to help keep it fresh and when the month is done, you can just swap it for a new pot.

boy with green slime
Say Cheese!

I mentioned that it didn’t sting L’s hands, that’s because it is non-toxic and alcohol-free, it really is designed for kids to be safe and have fun.

There are four colours available, and being pocket-sized pots you can take them anywhere, at only £2.99 for a single pot and lasting up to a month they are are very cost-effective too.

Disclosure – we were gifted our pots of slime. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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