Henry Sit n Ride

Casdon Henry Sit n Ride

From the instant L saw his new Henry Sit n Ride in the box he was excited. A little red ride on toy with a loveable Henry Hoover face.

Henry Sit n Ride
Just seeing the box L was so excited

I had to build it straight away. I am amazed that he recognised it as a vacuum cleaner. We don’t own a Henry, to the best of my knowledge no one he knows does. There’s no hose or cleaning attachments. Just Henry’s nose, which would be where the hose attached. Yet straight away he wanted to help me clean.

Henry Sit n Ride
It didn’t take me longat all to build

It wasn’t difficult to build, you just need a screwdriver and a hammer. From opening the box it took me about 15 minutes and it is very sturdy.

Aimed at ages 1-3 I was a bit worried that L, being 3 1/2 years old, wouldn’t get much from it. But he loves it. It takes his weight without any concerns and he rides about the house on it with speed. He loves filling the seat compartment up with all his little toys and always pops his morning yogurt and spoon in there. It’s the only way to transport things.

Henry Sit n Ride
There’s so much under seat storage

I really wish I had got this for him when he was 1. You can turn the steering handle round and lock it into place, making Henry into a walker. He would have loved it much more than the walker we got for him. Plus, it would have lasted so much longer. His walker is long gone, used for about 6 months. He loves Henry now, so I could have got 3 years worth of playing out of it, making it fantastic value at £25.00.

Henry Sit n Ride
It is also the only way to travel around the house

As well as Henry, you can also get a Hetty Sit n Ride as part of the Casdon Little Drivers Range. The range also includes some great steering wheels for those mini backseat drivers. In fact they have loads of great kids ranges.

Going by what we’ve found with our Henry Sit n Ride I wouldn’t hesitate to get some more of their toys. L just loves it so much. It appealed to him straight away. I’m very happy with how sturdy it is.

Henry Sit n Ride
L just loves his Henry Sit n Ride so much

You can find out more about the Henry Sit n Ride and the other Casdon toys on their WebsiteFacebook Page or on Twitter.

Disclosure – we received our product in return for an honest review.

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