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Creating a #BrightFuture with Unilever

Unilever and BritMums recently set a very interesting challenge. The #BrightFuture initiative is all about uniting communities and encouraging small changes in everyday life that will in turn have a positive impact on the world.

It all sounds very big doesn’t it? I have very little to do with my local community and honestly don’t think about the things we do at home as having an impact on anyone, let alone the world. Continue reading Creating a #BrightFuture with Unilever

Ruth’s Work from Home Journey with NuSkin

So as you all know it’s my dream to Stay At Home, and I’ve been exploring ways to do that. I’ve even managed it for the last year but due to a change in circumstances I’ve actually had to find myself a little supermarket job.

Whether that ends up being long-term or not who knows. But I’ve not given up on my Stay At Home dream. I love being my own boss, even if it’s stressful and hasn’t gone to plan. The flexibility it offers, not only around my son but my life is immeasurable. The pleasure and satisfaction it gives me is also amazing.

So when Ruth got in touch to see if I would help spread the word about her new business venture with NuSkin, of course I said yes. We’ve got to help each other as much as we can. Continue reading Ruth’s Work from Home Journey with NuSkin

A Very Common Problem

So I’m just going to say it, because it isn’t something to be embarrassed about. Around 62% of women will suffer some form of incontinence during pregnancy and around 50% will continue to have issues after childbirth. So why don’t we talk about it? The guys at Hartmann are trying to help.  Continue reading A Very Common Problem

Weleda Baby Range – Review

When I said to my mum I had been sent some of the Weleda Baby Range for L, her first reaction was ‘ooo that will be lovely then’ closely followed up with ‘did you get any of the adult range?’ said in a very hinty manner.

Bless her, I hadn’t been sent any of the adult range or I would have loved to have shared with her. I think Mum’s reaction says it all though. Weleda have a well earned reputation for quality products and we can see why.  Continue reading Weleda Baby Range – Review

Treating Myself with Dr. Bronner’s

As a busy mum I don’t get a huge amount of time to pamper myself. Or any actually. So I try to make the simple things, like a shower in the morning, a bit more special by using really lovely products. Like Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap.

Dr. Bronner’s  really appeals to me as is 100% organic and the Baby Mild range can be used for all of us, which is especially handy when travelling. Although at home it’s mainly me using it, because I’m not sharing! Obviously it’s perfectly suited for babies sensitive skin, but anyone with extra sensitive skin or allergies will enjoy it. Continue reading Treating Myself with Dr. Bronner’s

Red Kooga Natural Energy

You may have noticed over the last few days things have been very quiet on my blog. I’m sorry. I have been ridiculously busy. So I would like to share my shining light, Red Kooga, with you. It’s how I’ve gotten through.

I've partied VIP style thanks to Herbert Woods
I’ve partied VIP style thanks to Herbert Woods

Continue reading Red Kooga Natural Energy

A New Flavour CLIF Bar – Review

CLIF Bar, America’s favourite energy bar brand, have launched a new flavour to their range, and I tried it out it.

The new Coconut and Chocolate Chip Energy Bar is filled to the brim with good stuff, making not only great for a pre or post workout snack but also super filling. Continue reading A New Flavour CLIF Bar – Review

Getting in the Holiday Mood with Urtekram

To get me in the mood for summer I’ve been using some of new range of organic coconut-scented products from Urtekram.

Urtekram means ‘herbalism’ in Danish and they specialise in amazing organic body care products. I’ve been a fan of Urtekram for a while now, I love their Rose range and I’m a big fan of the Nordic Birch as well, so I was really excited to get to try out some of the new Coconut range.

Coconut Urtekram
Coconut Urtekram

Continue reading Getting in the Holiday Mood with Urtekram

Fitness and Health Trackers from Terraillon – a Review

As part of my attempts to lose weight and get more active ready for Bridesmaid duties last year I have been sent a fitness tracker and connected bathroom scales from Terraillon.

Terraillon are a housewares brand, who design and make health and well-being products and have a whole range of connected devices that link to their Wellness Coach app. There are kitchen and bathroom scales, activity trackers, and blood pressure monitors.

Terraillon Connected Fitness Products
Terraillon Connected Fitness Products

Continue reading Fitness and Health Trackers from Terraillon – a Review

Deep Heat Roll On

When I started my little project to be a healthier, slimmer and fitter Bridesmaid next year, it wasn’t just about diet to help me lose weight but also about adding exercise into my routine.

As I’m not one for massive amounts of exercise I was pleased when Deep Heat got in touch kindly suggesting they send me on of their new Muscle Massage Roll-On’s, just in case I were to need it.  Continue reading Deep Heat Roll On