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Deep Heat Roll On

When I started my little project to be a healthier, slimmer and fitter Bridesmaid next year, it wasn’t just about diet to help me lose weight but also about adding exercise into my routine.

As I’m not one for massive amounts of exercise I was pleased when Deep Heat got in touch kindly suggesting they send me on of their new Muscle Massage Roll-On’s, just in case I were to need it.  Continue reading Deep Heat Roll On

My March Degustabox

Time for my monthly Degustabox feature, if you haven’t seen previous month’s posts, Degustabox is a monthly subscription box, filled with amazing new foods for you to try out. Including new lines from big brands and foods from smaller brands that you maybe weren’t aware of. For £12.99 per box you will have contents worth well in excess of that, get the chance to try something new and maybe even find a new favourite treat. I enjoy getting to try things I wouldn’t normally buy for my family.

The March box was awesome, with a few Easter bits, lots of new things to try, some tasty snacks and a few handy things to take on holiday, yummy. Here’s what I got;  Continue reading My March Degustabox

Fun and Giggles with Shout! Review & Competition

We love a good board game and when we went away for Easter we were really happy to take along SHOUT! a really fun game from Drumond Park.

Shout! from Drumond Park
Shout! from Drumond Park


This was perfect for us as it can be played with only two people but teams can pretty much get as large as you want them and let me tell you it is hilarious! It’s filled with quirky questions and funny picture puzzles that you have to make connections with and some of them will leave you feeling like you’ve gone crazy, whilst other’s are refreshingly easy. Continue reading Fun and Giggles with Shout! Review & Competition

Brightening Up My Wardrobe with Edinburgh Woollen Mill

I am really bad at buying myself clothes, I will make sure everyone else has what they need and just make do with what I have got. This means my wardrobe is somewhat dull and it’s time to fix that.

My Beautiful Shirt
My Beautiful Shirt

One thing I want to do as I lose weight is to treat myself to something new and beautiful at each new milestone, something that is me, something I feel comfortable in and something that is both beautiful and practical. So I have started with a wonderful floral shirt from Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Country Rose Collection. Start as you mean to go on right? Continue reading Brightening Up My Wardrobe with Edinburgh Woollen Mill

Boxcitement Animal Magic

I have already been lucky enough to review a couple of the Boxcitement Subscription Boxes and I loved them, so I was more than happy to take a peak at the Animal Magic Box they sent out last month.

If you missed my previous reviews Boxcitement is a subscription box service that sends you a letterbox friendly box filled with lovely things, designed to excite, perfect for people who love to give gifts and receive them too, with cards, stationery, jewellery, the cute and the kitsch.

Continue reading Boxcitement Animal Magic

Delicious Meals using Hari Ghotra Curry Kits

As a treat before I started my detox I made up one of Husb and mine favourite curry’s a Goan Fish Curry, using one of the kits Hari Ghotra kits.

Biryani Kit
Biryani Kit

Hari specialises in North Indian cuisine with the aim to simplify recipes without losing their authenticity. The kits are filled with all the dry ingredients like spices, pastes and lentils that you will need and there are loads to choose from so there is bound to be a curry kit for you. The kits are priced at £3.50 which is great value and you don’t need to add to many other ingredients. Each kit is linked to a video on Hari’s website so you can follow the online tutorial if you want. I chose just to use the easy instructions that came in the kit.  Continue reading Delicious Meals using Hari Ghotra Curry Kits

Project Bridesmaid #2

So in about a year I am going to be a bridesmaid for my little sister. This is just the kind of goal I need to start losing some weight and getting healthier, which all ties in nicely with my quest to be a calmer, happier and healthier person.

My Purition Sample Box
My Purition Sample Box

I have decided to vlog about my journey as that will give me a visual reminder of where I’ve been and where I am and as it’s something that makes me rather uncomfortable it will also help to keep me in check. Plus it’s always good to push yourself.

During my journey I will be getting to try all kinds of new products and sharing my experiences of them with you. Continue reading Project Bridesmaid #2

Our Broads Adventure with Herbert Woods

Just over a year ago we had a marvellous holiday on the Norfolk Broads, staying on one Herbert Woods‘ boats, Silver Light. This year we have been incredibly lucky to return, this time staying in one of their luxurious holiday homes, The Bittern.

Plenty of boats to watch - Herbert Woods
Plenty of boats to watch – Herbert Woods

The weather forecast before we left had been typically British, especially for a bank holiday, so we were looking forward to being able to chill out in a warm and comfy cottage in the evenings.  Continue reading Our Broads Adventure with Herbert Woods

A Great Night’s Sleep with Sleepy People

Getting a good night’s sleep is really important and I have been spending a few months now slowly but surely rearranging my routines and habits to ensure I’m getting to bed at a reasonable time, but if once I’m there, it’s not perfect for sleeping then what’s the point.

Silent Night Protectors from Sleepy People
Silentnight Protectors from Sleepy People

I was lucky enough to be sent some products from Sleepy People to help me get more comfortable. Continue reading A Great Night’s Sleep with Sleepy People