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Screechers Wild – Review

Last week L received a lovely parcel of toys, he was very excited as they were brightly coloured, had wheels, plus a whole host of other cool features. Screechers Wild are so much fun.  Continue reading Screechers Wild – Review

So Slime DIY – Review

I had managed to avoid the whole slime craze with L, but I have caved. Only because the right product came along though. June see’s the launch of Canal Toys in the UK and their So Slime DIY range is excellent. Mainly because it is easy and mess free.  Continue reading So Slime DIY – Review

BRIO Cargo Helicopter Review

We love BRIO in this house. L has an extensive wooden train set which mixes BRIO and other brands together and one of his favourite items is his BRIO police station, so when we got offered the chance to review the BRIO Cargo Helicopter I just knew he would love it.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
Look at that happy face!!

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Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition

I hope the Easter Holidays are treating you all well. If the weather has had you cooped up inside you might be looking for something different to keep little hands busy. Rubik’s Junior have launched a great range of animal puzzles that may just give you a moment of peace.Rubik's Junior

We have been playing with these fun puzzles at home and they have proved a big hit. There are four animals in the range. A cat, dog, bunny and a bear. The bright colours and tactile shapes immediately appealed to L. He was twisting and turning them before I even had chance to explain what to do. Rubik's Junior Continue reading Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition

Paw Patrol Puzzle from Ravensburger

L loves Paw Patrol. Flippin’ loves it. Personally I’m not the biggest fan, I think I take it too seriously. Why can the dogs speak but not the cat? Why are the adults all so inept? Where are Ryder’s parents? But I digress, L loves it and I love puzzles so the latest Paw Patrol Puzzle from Ravensburger was always going to be a hit. Paw Patrol Puzzle

Continue reading Paw Patrol Puzzle from Ravensburger

Getting Cheeky with CheekiMees

CheekiMees are cute, noisy and very cheeky collectable characters that fit in your hand and talk to each other. To celebrate their arrival L was asked to show his best cheeky poses over on Instagram, but I thought I’d write a bit about them as well, it is what I do after all!CheekiMees Continue reading Getting Cheeky with CheekiMees

Vampirina Toys – Review

Next week L and I will be taking part in an awesome Vampirina Twitter party and to get us in the mood he was sent the biggest box of Vampirina Toys you could imagine.

I am going to tell you a bit about those toys and what we think of them, I’ll try to tell you about the TV show they all stem from and also at the end of the review let you know about the upcoming Twitter Party, hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Vampirina Toys
Play time

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Tonka Toys are now in Asda

The 10th saw the launch of a range of Tonka Toys in selected Asda stores and to celebrate L was sent a selection to play with and give his verdict.

Tonka Toys at Asda
A monster truck as big as his face, well almost

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Pokemon – Not Just for Christmas

I remember when Pokemon first hit our shores, I was in high school and everyone loved it. From the people playing the computer game to those who liked the cartoon and the loveable characters.  Continue reading Pokemon – Not Just for Christmas

JCB Hydradig 1:32 Diecast Review

A little while back L received some unexpected post. A parcel with his favourite label on the outside, a JCB label. It wasn’t anything I was expecting and had no idea what could be inside so when L opened it up to find a perfect 1:32 Scale Model of a JCB Hydradig he was ecstatic.  Continue reading JCB Hydradig 1:32 Diecast Review