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Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review

When I was asked if maybe L would like to review the Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle I took one look at the picture and agreed, he loves anything with wheels and this certainly has wheels. Continue reading Schleich Wild Life 4 x 4 Vehicle – Review

Incredibles II Puzzle Competition

I have teamed up with Jumbo Games to offer one lucky reader a chance to win not one, but two Incredibles II puzzles to celebrate the film which was released July 13th. Have you seen it yet?  Continue reading Incredibles II Puzzle Competition

Ben and Holly’s Magical Days

Recently L got a wonderful package of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom goodies. So wonderful he could barely contain himself.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
I love that he will just play with them any place and any time

Ben and Holly has been a hit in the house since L was quite little, he loves the cartoon illustrations and naughty Nanny Plum, we often find it helps answer some of his BIG questions, like ‘where do the stars go during the day Mummy’. Well the Wise Old Elf actually explained that really well in an episode, ‘The Shooting Star’.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Throwing Sticks to Gaston is a great game

Continue reading Ben and Holly’s Magical Days

#SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

The summer holidays have officially started! For us it means the last Summer before L starts school, something I’m feeling more than a little wobbly about. It also means a lot of fun and adventuring as for the second summer running we are Super Wings Summer Ambassadors, L is beside himself with excitement!#SuperSummerMissions Continue reading #SuperSummerMissions with Super Wings

The New ROBLOX Celebrity Range

We recently got sent some of the New ROBLOX Celebrity range to play with. L loves anything collectable, anything he can get that comes in a bling bag or box and has a tick list he’s a fan of!

ROBLOX Celebrity
No having to guess what was in this parcel!

Continue reading The New ROBLOX Celebrity Range

BRIO Farm Railway Set Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO police station as well as a BRIO Cargo Helicopter, he uses these with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really chuffed to be able to review the BRIO Farm Railway Set. He loves trains, he loves tractors and he loves BRIO so we were on to a winner.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
Chuffed face

Continue reading BRIO Farm Railway Set Review

Screechers Wild – Review

Last week L received a lovely parcel of toys, he was very excited as they were brightly coloured, had wheels, plus a whole host of other cool features. Screechers Wild are so much fun.  Continue reading Screechers Wild – Review

So Slime DIY – Review

I had managed to avoid the whole slime craze with L, but I have caved. Only because the right product came along though. June see’s the launch of Canal Toys in the UK and their So Slime DIY range is excellent. Mainly because it is easy and mess free.  Continue reading So Slime DIY – Review

BRIO Cargo Helicopter Review

We love BRIO in this house. L has an extensive wooden train set which mixes BRIO and other brands together and one of his favourite items is his BRIO police station, so when we got offered the chance to review the BRIO Cargo Helicopter I just knew he would love it.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
Look at that happy face!!

Continue reading BRIO Cargo Helicopter Review

Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition

I hope the Easter Holidays are treating you all well. If the weather has had you cooped up inside you might be looking for something different to keep little hands busy. Rubik’s Junior have launched a great range of animal puzzles that may just give you a moment of peace.Rubik's Junior

We have been playing with these fun puzzles at home and they have proved a big hit. There are four animals in the range. A cat, dog, bunny and a bear. The bright colours and tactile shapes immediately appealed to L. He was twisting and turning them before I even had chance to explain what to do. Rubik's Junior Continue reading Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition