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Buddhify – Review

You may remember I recently wrote about some fitness apps that I loved, but that I had some reservations about my meditation app, Calm, as they had removed a lot of my favourite meditations and the subscription fee was just too high. Well just after I wrote that, buddhify got in touch to see if I would like to review their app.

buddhify logo

Continue reading Buddhify – Review

Remember life without eBay?

With eBay increasing its fees all the time, I’ve been looking for other ways to sell my surplus items, and at the same time feel a little more involved in my community. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of all the baby things you’ve acquired, or just lusting after a more minimalistic household, try these techniques to avoid fees and squeeze in some much-needed socialising. Continue reading Remember life without eBay?

A Christmas Puzzle from Wentworth

Who doesn’t need a puzzle over Christmas? Something fun to do for yourself, a gift for family or a way to keep the kids quiet for a little while.

The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas
The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas

Wentworth make the best puzzles out there. OK that’s only my opinion and my Granddad’s. But if you knew how many puzzles my granddad gets through then you would appreciate his opinion.  Continue reading A Christmas Puzzle from Wentworth

Phonics School Cartoon & Workbook

Recently L’s words have been coming on leaps and bounds. It’s a momentum I want to continue, but I want it to be fun and I want to know I’m doing it right, in a way that will help him at nursery and eventually school. Clearly at his age there’s not much out there, just flash cards and toddler books. So I was really pleased to be contacted by Phonics SchoolContinue reading Phonics School Cartoon & Workbook

Shop the Aldi Baby Specialbuys Tomorrow

My plans for tomorrow aren’t big, see a friend, have a gossip then pop to Aldi to stock up on baby wipes and maybe get the boy a treat or two because it’s that fabulous baby & toddler Specialbuys time again.

With everything from toys and trikes to baby leggings and blackboards, Aldi’s Specialbuys Baby range is sure to have something to keep the little ones comfy, cared for and kitted out this spring, in stores and online from the 21st April, available while stocks last. Continue reading Shop the Aldi Baby Specialbuys Tomorrow

Meerkat Movies Fun

You’ve all seen the adverts with our favourite Meerkats, Aleksandr and Sergei all dressed up ready to see Batman v Superman, well to celebrate I’ve been sent a limited edition Aleksandr as Batman toy from Compare the Market.

He is super cute and we love the costume so we had a bit of Meerkat fun ourselves, check out his little adventure. It’d very silly but it made us all very happy! Continue reading Meerkat Movies Fun

The Beatrix Potter Collection

It’s fair to say that when we went away over Easter the weather wasn’t the best, but our beautiful holiday cottage came complete with a DVD player and I was well prepared having packed The Beatrix Potter Collection on DVD.

The Beatrix Potter Collection
The Beatrix Potter Collection

2016 marks 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter, one of the world’s best-loved children’s authors, certainly one of my favourite authors. I probably shouldn’t admit this but when we visited the Lake District many years ago and I got to visit her farm, the lovely Hilltop, now owned by The National Trust, it was one of the best moments of my life.  Continue reading The Beatrix Potter Collection

The World Now

I don’t normally write about anything vaguely political, I don’t pretend to have the knowledge required. In fact I still don’t even know if I should publish this.

This week, with the terror attacks in Brussels, so soon after those in Paris, the world is becoming a worse place. People are becoming less tolerant than they were before, which scares me and shocks me at the same time. People also seem to be becoming numb to these horrific things. Continue reading The World Now