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The World Now

I don’t normally write about anything vaguely political, I don’t pretend to have the knowledge required. In fact I still don’t even know if I should publish this.

This week, with the terror attacks in Brussels, so soon after those in Paris, the world is becoming a worse place. People are becoming less tolerant than they were before, which scares me and shocks me at the same time. People also seem to be becoming numb to these horrific things. Continue reading The World Now

The BLOK iPad Case from Logitech – Review

Is one of the most expensive things you own also your toddlers favourite play thing? That’s certainly the case in our house, thanks to YouTube and a nice man, Blippi, who sings about tractors and fire engines L loves the iPad. IMG_20160222_090653

In all fairness he’s pretty good with it, he knows to be careful and he knows he can only have it when we say, but he also knows exactly where it’s kept and will often run and grab it and ask to use it.

He will fall, he will drop it and he will use it harder than we would like. That’s life.  And as you will see from the pictures of him after the case was arrived, if the small child is this excited about a new case, you can only imagine what he’s like with the iPad!

BLOK from Logitech
BLOK from Logitech

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