Chalkola Chalboard Markers

Chalkola Reveiw & Competition

I love a bit of chalkboard fun with L and I have to write-up a lot of advertising chalkboards for work so when the guys behind Chalkola got in touch about their kids safe, brightly coloured and neatly sized chalkboard markers I was eager to give them a go.

Chalkola Chalboard Markers
Chalkola chalkboard Markers

About Chalkola

The Chalkola markers are a bit different to your standard sets. They come in different sizes and in an amazing variety of colours. From really vivid and bright to more natural pastels and darker tones.

The markers are great for any kind of non-porous surface. Like of course chalkboard but also windows, those gorgeous chalkboard stick on labels, jars and mirrors.

They haven’t worked so well with the chalkboard I made for L with my chalkboard paint. Chalkola do warn that they probably won’t. As unless you are a genius with chalkboard paint your finished surface won’t be 100% smooth and will be a bit porous, so cleaning is difficult.

Importantly for me the Chalkola markers are non-toxic. Also because they are water based  they are easily cleaned away. Just a wipe with a damp cloth, or, as more often the case in my house a wet wipe!

Chalkola Chalboard Markers
Getting ready to get creative

Using the Markers

I’ve been using their 21 Marker Set which comes with 15 beautiful colours of chalkboard markers and a box of 6 metallic marker pens. With a 6mm bullet point tip I have found these really easy to use and have got some great results from them.

They’ve been fun for at home and marking up jars and drawing on windows. They are brilliant at work for creating some great advertising boards.

I’ve also been playing with the 15mm Marker set that contains 8 chunky and bright neon coloured markers. This was the sized chalkboard pen I was used to solely dealing with, so it is easier for me to make comparisons over use with.

The nib was very similar, allowing thick lines and easy space-filling or finer lines if turned on its side. The amount of ink the Chalkola pens contain though was actually a lot higher. So the pens last longer as they are filled up more. Mainly though the difference can be seen in the colour choice, not just primary colours here, oh no!

The excitement when I bought them into work so we could improve our chalkboard designs was palpable! More than 5 colours to choose from, mind-blowing. Easy to clean, so much time and elbow grease saved. I don’t know what the brand we had been using was but my word would they take some scrubbing to get clean. Actually having smaller pens so we didn’t have to resort to pumping chalk out of the big pens onto a plate and painting it on, genius.

Because these are so much easier to use and clean away we are now updating our signs weekly. Compared to only doing it when we absolutely had to. We are also being far more creative.

Chalkola Chalboard Markers
All the great 6mm colours

Final thoughts

On first use the pens take a bit of pumping to get the ink flowing but after this you can use them as you would a normal pen. They just need a good shake if you haven’t used them for a bit to make sure everything is mixed up well inside.

Oddly, I have found the liquid chalk from the finer markers a lot easier to wipe away than that from the big chunky ones. I don’t know if they use a slightly different mix, or, if the overall coverage from the big markers is just thicker, so needs more wiping. This has left me favouring the finer markers though. Plus they are a bit easier to hold and draw with anyway.

Chalkboard Art
Now I can draw cats, well I clearly can’t draw, but the option is now there!

Competition and Offer

I have got a set for one lucky person to win. Just enter your details into the gleam app below for your chance. If you just can’t wait then Chalkola have offered my readers a 15% flat discount on all Chalkola Products.

Coupon Code – 15OFFSTR

Win a Set of Chalkola Chalkboard Markers

Good luck x

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in return for an honest review. Chalkola are also kindly providing the prize.

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66 thoughts on “Chalkola Reveiw & Competition”

  1. Am seeing so much hype about these all of a sudden, they do look great, bet my kids would love them, and so much safer to let them loose with than markers

  2. I’ve been trying to win a pack of these for so long, they look so great I may have to give in and actually buy them soon lol xxx

  3. These look really useful. Would use them to label signs for my wedding party.

  4. They look great and would definitley be prettier than the paw prints the dog has got all over our door window at present with the muddy garden.

  5. These look fabulous, my boys would love this! Fantastic giveaway as well. Thanks so much for joining us at #CraftyCorner

  6. My daughter would go crazy over these. She’s just learnt to colour ( toddler).

  7. Great giveaway my niece would love this, fingers crossed thanks for the chance to win

  8. These look incredibly useful. And so many colours too. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  9. I think these look brilliant, would also be great for labelling and decorating jars and pots

  10. These look fab! I love to use chalk boards for meal planning and chalk board labels for organising – but I hate getting chalk on my hands. This would be a perfect solution. I’m not sure my son would get a look in. ha ha #craftycorner

  11. I love the sound of these, the bright colours really appeal to me and my girls would love them. They sound like a great idea for children of all ages. Thank you for joining us at #CraftyCorner x

  12. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  13. Lovely competition and a prize that will keep kids amused for hours!

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