Child Friendly Water Feature

Our Child Friendly Water Feature

The one thing that I have always felt has been missing from our garden is a water feature. But with L I have to be careful over what I pick. It has to be a child friendly water feature. I have to have confidence it that. Of course I turned to Primrose, with such a wide range of stock they have never let me down.

Our Garden
The barren spot in our garden I wanted to spruce up

We went for the Perth Square 4 Tier Solar Water Feature and Herb Planter by Solaray. At 42 x 39 cm it was big enough to make a statement in the garden but as it is currently on offer at £79.99 doesn’t break the bank.

The Water Fountain Built Up
The Water Fountain Built Up

You can see the video of us unboxing it and building it up below. Note the pictures of my son helping by scooting round the garden with water bucket on his head. He is super helpful.

The solar powered water fountain means that when I’m outside on a sunny day I get to here the water moving, which is exactly what I wanted. The fact I’ve been able to pop plants in there as well has bought a bit of extra colour and life to a very barren section of our garden.

Getting ready
Getting ready to make my fountain

Most of all though, the fact it has 4 tiers and is stacked up alternating the planter and water sections means that there isn’t one section big enough for my very enthusiastic toddler to cause himself any mischief with. He literally couldn’t fit his face in any section, however hard he tried. So I know he will be safe around this.

In the box
In the box

He really loves it and even yesterday I small rubber duck found it’s new home in my fountain. He enjoys splashing the water and is constantly found watering the plants and topping up the fountain. It does not need this but it keeps him happy.

Easy to fit pump
Easy to fit pump

It was really easy to build up, it just stacks and has little slots to stop anything from moving. The most difficult part for me was getting everything level, as I of course chose the most awkward area of the garden to place it. The solar panel has a long cord and comes with a stake, or can be screwed to a surface, though it doesn’t come with screw fixings.

My helper for the day
My helper for the day, after using the bucket to fill the fountain he. of course, popped it on his head

We have chosen to fix the panel to a little archway in the garden, so it is up and out of the way of small hands. It is also in the perfect position to catch the sun. The fountain only works when the panel is in direct sunlight, but it is powerful and creates a beautiful effect. Also, who needs it to work when it isn’t sunny? You are far less likely to be out enjoying the garden in the rain or the dark.

All made and planted
All made up and planted

I have planted ours up with a selection of herbs and a mystery plant I bought for 49p in a sale. You only need little plants, which is lovely as it costs very little to make it look full and lush straight away. When the fountain runs, the water catches a little and runs along the bases of the different tiers it does keep the plants really moist. So you need something quite hardy and that doesn’t mind damp conditions. Herbs are perfect. I’ve yet to find someone who can kill mint.

Everyone loves the new water feature
Everyone loves the new water feature

I love that I can have a water feature in the garden. One with running water no less. Something that I don’t have to worry about and I know L will be safe around.

Disclosure – we were given our child friendly water feature in return for my honest opinions.

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