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Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – Eat and Drink

I don’t know about you but I love buying Christmas gifts for people, sometimes in can be tough to find the right thing though.

I love the idea of giving something that someone wants, something they need and then a little something to eat or drink. It keeps the gift giving under control and means the recipient gets a lovely mix of things.

So I’ve got some eat and drink ideas for you.

Opies Christmas Selection
Opies Christmas Selection

An Opies gift basket. Grab yourself a little gift box or hamper and fill it with some classic Christmas delicacies like Black Cherries in Kirsch, Pickled Walnuts or Christmas Fruits in Courvoisier.

Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells
Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells

Guylian is always a classic Christmas Gift. Who doesn’t love the delicious truffle filled sea shells. I always have a box in the house over Christmas just in case we receive an unexpected gift or visit, and if we don’t then I get to eat them myself.

Peters Yard
Peter’s Yard Crispbread

For someone who loves a bit of savoury the Peter’s Yard Crisp Breads make a perfect gift. The packaging is lovely, the flavour is superb and if you package a couple of boxes up with a little truckle of cheese they make the perfect gift. I like the Pink Peppercorn, but if you’re not sure they do a mixed box as well.

Mac Wild
Mac & Wild

The brilliant London restaurant Mac & Wild has the perfect present. A ready to drink innovative cocktail range, Scottish Cocktails. The drinks come in five ready to drink varieties including the Ginger Laddie and the Auld Pal. The cocktails are available to buy in stores including Selfridges & Co, Whole Foods and 31 these are just perfect for the cocktail lover in your life, as you only need to buy one bottle!

Baru Marshmallows
Baru Marshmallows

Baru Luxury Marshmallows have been a favourite of mine for a while now. They are just special. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes them so good. The quality Belgium chocolate, the interesting flavours, the light as a cloud fluffiness, the elegant packaging. It all goes together to make the perfect Marshmallow. My only advice is to gift them to someone you love and someone you know will share them with you.

Great Uncle Cornelius Spiced Ginger
Great Uncle Cornelius’ Spiced Ginger

At home I’ve been enjoying Great Uncle Cornelius‘ Famous Spiced Ginger. It is a smooth and rich non-alcoholic aperitif which can be served hot or cold.  And for those who enjoy a little tipple, mix with whisky in equal measures for a fiery Ginger Mac or add a dash of rum for the perfect Dark and Stormy cocktail. It is so versatile, so tasty and that moustache, well that makes it a bottle worth gifting.

My final recommendation is to gift anything you have made yourself. I make a very grown up rocky road tray bake that is delicious and doesn’t need baking, just stir and refrigerate. Soak sultanas in your alcohol of choice, I like brandy, break amaretto biscuits, plenty of mini marshmallows and a lot of good quality melted chocolate, stir, pour and set.

Doves Farm Gluten Free Products
Doves Farm Gluten Free Products

If you are baking for someone who is Gluten Free Doves Farm do an amazing selection of foods. From flour to pasta. They have even created amazing hampers filled with everything you need. I’ve switched out my usual goods for the Doves Farm Gluten free versions and with the cakes I’ve baked using the flour, pasta dishes I’ve created I struggled to tell the difference. Very handy to have around on the bog day as well, so you can cater to all your guests.

Disclosure – I was gifted these items to try and hopefully feature. I have only included I genuinely loved and would give as gifts myself.

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