Christmas Shopping at Sports Direct

Christmas Shopping at Sports Direct? But you don’t like sports, know nothing about sports and unless told what to buy would have no idea what to get anyone who was sporty. So what are you doing Christmas Shopping at Sports Direct I hear you cry. Well I was challenged by Sports Direct and BritMums to find a couple of Christmas Gifts for £5. So here is my #sdfiverchallenge and it was very easy, very easy indeed. 

My challenge was to find 2 gifts for £5 or less from and have a look at what was on offer at the same time.

There are actually loads of gifts on their site. Some are sports related, Man United Teddy Bears and the like, most are not. The prices are amazing and the search functions and filter options worked really well, making the shopping experience easy.  With delivery at £4.99 everything remained really good value.

An indoor basketball hoop and ball for £5
An indoor basketball hoop and ball for £5

The first gift I chose was a Donnay Basketball Hoop and Soft Ball. Just a small one the you can use indoors. I chose this gift for a couple of reasons. Mainly I thought it would be really good fun. I was fully aware husb would love it and would likely make me regret buying it (I was correct on both fronts). Also, and probably most importantly I am trying to encourage L to throw with a purpose and not just chuck stuff about with gay abandon and often completely inappropriately.

 crystal growing set from sports direct
I love this crystal growing set and for £5 you just can not go wrong

The second gift I chose was for my bestest friend’s little girl for Christmas, I feel I am safe writing about this as whilst her mum will likely read this (waves) her daughter will not. I have got her, what I consider a frankly amazing gift, a crystal growing set.

It is a science experiment crossed with a craft set crossed with good old messy fun. I loved the look of it on the website and assumed for the money it would be quite small and I would definitely have to get a couple more bits to make up a full present.

When it arrived I was blown away. It’s a massive set and had I not just plastered over the internet it only cost £5 it would have definitely made an entire gift all on it’s own. Definitely. I actually wish I had bought two, it looks so much fun I would have enjoyed making it myself.

I really enjoyed looking for gifts on the Sports Direct site and was so impressed with the choice they had on offer. I never would have thought to head to Sports Direct to fulfill any of my gift shopping needs, now I certainly will!

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