YOU Naturally Powerful

Cleaning with YOU Naturally Powerful

We’ve gone through a bit of a cleaning breakthrough here in the Any Way To Stay At Home household. With the help of a list and some fab time saving products I’m feeling pretty smug in my domesticated-ness. So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my tips with you, this week it’s YOU Naturally Powerful

YOU Naturally Powerful
YOU Naturally Powerful

They have four products in the range a bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, window cleaner and an all purpose cleaner.

The first thing you’ll notice is the clean, bright and colourful bottles. This has absolutely no bearing on how they work but it does make me feel a little happier when using them.

What I like is the fact they are natural, dermatologically tested and they smell nice.

They are 100% natural, nothing synthetic here. All the compounds are fully biodegradable. So they are safe for the environment, pets and kids. Theoretically I could drink it. Although I wouldn’t want to and nor would I recommend it. It’s nice to not have to worry so much though.

YOU Naturally Powerful - four refills, one hand
YOU Naturally Powerful – four refills, one hand

They work well. The bathroom cleaner helps stops the build up of limescale. The window cleaner gives a great streak free finish. The kitchen cleaner cuts through grease like no ones business. The multi purpose cleaner is just perfect.

The spray action on the bottles is amazing. You get a great fine spray that covers a nice large area meaning you use less with each clean.

My favourite thing however is that they are refillable. Once you’ve bought your first bottle all you need after that are these tiny little refill bottles. This means I can always have spare ‘bottles’ in the cupboard without taking up loads of space. There is also less to carry home from the supermarket.

We use these products everyday and are really so happy with them.

YOU Naturally Powerful - one tiny refill
YOU Naturally Powerful – one tiny refill

Disclosure – I was sent a set of products for the purpose of this article. All opinions are my own. I have also been using YOU prior to them contacting me about this article.

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  1. Does anyone know how to buy the wonderful, YOU naturally powerful range you list above (especially the bathroom cleaner)? Shops seem to have stopped stocking them and the one Amazon listing is highly priced. I much hope they will return. Thank you. November 2019.

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