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Cocktail Tables at Turtle Bay Norwich

One of my favourite places to eat and drink in Norwich, Turtle Bay, has now launched cocktail tables. You can book a table to enjoy their amazing drinks with full table service. Way better than battling your way to the bar and having to try to find somewhere to sit.

Turtle Bay
Daiquiri Time

Get yourself seated in a cosy corner of the restaurant and enjoy the amazing cocktails or maybe even try a rum sharing board. Eat food, don’t eat food. Maybe just dessert, or two desserts. It’s up to you. 

Turtle Bay
Sweetcorn Fritters

We popped along at the weekend to have a meal and I certainly made the most of the amazing Turtle Bay Happy Hour(s). Never have I been to a place that has pulled off both family friendly and nighttime fun with such ease. The atmosphere is always spot on, so despite service being slow on Sunday and the food great but not at it’s usual best we still had an amazing time.

Turtle Bay

The poor guys had been hit with an unexpected amount of staff not being able to come to work, two chefs down and numerous serving staff but that didn’t stop them smiling, serving great food and keeping me on my toes with some delicious cocktails that I let them choose for me. I fancied a surprise! It’s always a happy place to be, I like that about it.

Turtle Bay
Love the cool vibes

Being able reserve a table at the restaurant exclusively for cocktails at any time of the day, 7 days a week, means you know you are going to enjoy your night out and not spend half of it traipsing round the city trying to find somewhere or being hit with additional charges, just for booking a table. Plus, you know if you get peckish the food is amazing.

Turtle Bay
Time for a Red Stripe

A limited number of cocktail tables are available all day long, and then after 9.45pm ALL tables can be booked for a drinking experience when Turtle Bay turn down the lights and the venue becomes a candle lit party restaurant for diners and drinkers alike.

Turtle Bay
Festival Salad with Garlic Chili Pit Prawns

Guests can choose to graze on Caribbean sharing food, dine from the full menu or just enjoy the drinks – this is an easy-breezy, laid back drinking experience inspired by the relaxed outlook of the Caribbean. We went for the full dining experience and it was the perfect lunch time break from our Go Go Hares day in Norwich. The kids menu is awesome, the salads are healthy and delicious, the spicy fries, well, they are special. Plus, those cocktails, mmmmm. They are good!

Turtle Bay
It’s a family favourite

With the new Turtle Bay app you can insta-book your table on the night! No more wandering around searching for that perfect venue – just whip out your phone on the night, check availability in your local restaurant and guests can be seated at their own cocktail table within minutes. Plus, Turtle Bay are giving away one Turtle per England Goal scored at the moment, so download and cheer on England. Even if though I don’t love football I do love FREE cocktails and they have scored enough goals for me to get that, hopefully they will score me a few more 😉

Turtle Bay
My surprise cocktails, yum!

Not that I go out of an evening very often, next time I head into Norwich with the girls we’ll definitely be sat comfortably in Turtle Bay being treated like VIPs and not navigating our way to the bar. The only difficulty we’ll face is choosing which cocktail to try next.

Turtle Bay
Rum Cake

Disclosure – we were guests of Turtle Bay Norwich so we could try out the food and drinks in exchange for this post.

Turtle Bay
Husb’s Burger

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