Colouring to Keep my Toddler Happy

It doesn’t matter how hard I try, sometimes I have to work whilst the little one occupies himself.

The main problem with this is that as soon as I am doing something, he decides that is way more exciting than whatever was holding his attention up until that point, so I have had had to become the master of quick and easy activities that he actually loves.

Helping Mummy Work
Helping Mummy Work

These happen to be few and far between though. In fact there is only one that is guaranteed to work.

Colouring in and drawing.

He loves it, so much, he can sit at my desk with me and colour whilst I get some work done. He feels all grown up because he is sat at his desk just like me. He still gets to be right there next to me. He gets to be messy and colourful and creative. The first thing he says when I sit down at my desk is ‘mummy pens, pens!!’

Stabilo Trio Scribbi
Stabilo Trio Scribbi

He doesn’t like to colour with anything other than a pen, crayons just don’t cut it, nor pencils, so pens it is. Aargh.

We love the Stabilo Trio Scribbi’s, they are triangular so really easy for him to hold. They are spring loaded, so however hard he presses or jabs they just push in and pop back out, keeping the nib safe. They come in lovely bright colours. Most importantly they are super washable, so all the pen that ends up on his hands, face, clothes, back (best not to ask) or cat it doesn’t really matter.

Having fun choosing a colour
Having fun choosing a colour

Well that’s a lie, it matters when it gets on the cat, poor thing feels foolish strutting his stuff round the neighbourhood with pink pen on his back, but he will not be washed.

I enjoy getting to work with the little one playing next to me and I enjoy it even more when I don’t have to get too stressed about the potential mess. He does take up an awful lot of room though, next on the list will be a little craft table and chair just for him so I can get my desk back but still have him next to me.

Disclosure – we were gifted our Stabilo Pens but all opinions are my own.

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