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Conscious Chocolate – A Review

Never one to turn down chocolate I was very intrigued to try the offerings from Conscious Chocolate. As a general rule I don’t go too fancy with my chocolates, I prefer a good quality dark chocolate over a milk, but it tends to just be off the shelf from the supermarket and enjoyed of an evening. Conscious Chocolate offers something a bit different, being a raw chocolate and I was intrigued to give it a go.

Conscious Chocolate Peppermint

Conscious Chocolate was created by Emma Jackman in her kitchen and is the original raw chocolate. It’s mouth-watering and delicious, decadent not devilish and also vegan, organic, free from soy, gluten and dairy while the packaging is completely recyclable and compostable. It’s made in kitchens with 100% renewable energy and is slave free, sustainable and direct trade. It’s also extremely moreish, people are surprised by how creamy it is, and it’s won many awards for its great taste.

Nibbled chocolate

I was sent a box of Citrus Chocolate Bunnies and a bar of the Peppermint Chocolate. Mint chocolate being my favourite thing ever it’s what I dived straight into. I’ll be honest, my initial expectations were low, a vegan friendly raw chocolate, I was sure it would be nice but doubted it would be great. I was wrong. Everything I thought it would be lacking, texture, flavour, creaminess and that melt in the mouth factor was spot on. So I opened up the Citrus Rabbits, you know, just to be sure and was equally delighted.

Conscious Chocolate Citrus Bunnies

The flavours are intense, nothing missing there. The Peppermint Chocolate is rich and dark, using Peppermint oil for the flavour it really hit the spot. The Citrus Bunnies use a mix of Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime to give them a refreshing zing. About as far away from your standard choc orange flavour as you could get. It’s refreshing and not at all too sweet. In fact being sweetened using coconut blossom sugar the chocolates gain just the right level of sweetness without compromising the flavour at all.

chocolate bunnies

L was very excited to try the citrus bunnies, but they were not for him. I warned him that they were a dark chocolate, something he is not a fan of, but would he listen, of course not. He liked the initial flavour but after the ears were eaten it was too intense for him. Fair enough, more for me!

The beautiful packaging is made using vegetable inks and a water-based varnish, the inner plastic wrap is home compostable, or if you don’t have a compost bin it’s safe to go in the general waste where it will decompose.

Conscious Chocolate

Everything about this product has been thought out, it’s more than just the taste of the chocolate. It’s the whole package and it proves that nothing has to be compromised to make a product that is as good for the environment as it for your tummy!

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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