Cornish Cup

Cornish Cup – Review

What is Cornish Cup I hear you ask? Well I had no idea either, but as soon as I found out it involved Gin I wanted to try it. So I have been duly sipping away and am here to tell you all about it and what I think of it.

So what is Cornish Cup? Well here’s the official explanation.

Curio Spirits, inspired by fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients, have created their latest product; The Cornish Cup. Captivating curious connoisseurs of fine liquors tastemakers, Rubina & William have created the perfect punch.

Inspired by the history of punch which was originally introduced from India in the early 17th Century. Taking its name from the Sanskrit meaning ‘five’, punch was made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and tea or spices. Once on English soil punch evolved into a ‘Cup’ and was served before the departure of a hunting party.

Curio Spirits have added their signature botanicals to the traditional tipple, and use their Mullion Dry Gin as the base. The Cornish Cup draws upon the rich punch history and Curio’s coastal location to create a new contemporary cup that dances delicious flavours across the palate.

Curio Spirits have blended their own bespoke botanicals to create their own Chai tea infused in the Cornish Cup. Flavours include rich, malty Assam tea with exotic cardamom pods and cinnamon.

Designed to be enjoyed communally, mixed with seasonal sippers such as lemonade with thyme for summer sipping or served warm with ginger beer for a hot toddy, The Cornish Cup is the perfect convivial drink.

Cornish Cup
Cornish Cup

My Verdict

Cornish Cup comes in a beautiful bottle, heavy and pleasing to hold with the most gorgeous label featuring botanicals and bees.

It’s coloured with the tea and you can see some of the sediment in the bottle.

When you first pull the cork you can smell the mix of gin and ginger. The tea doesn’t come through until you drink it.

I found it worked very nicely with a jasmine tonic water. I have also tried with lemonade to make a longer drink, which is cool and refreshing. The sweetness of lemonade nicely balancing the warmth from the ginger.

I have also warmed it gently and served with ginger ale as a winter suggestion, strangely, not liking ginger ale in the slightest, this didn’t work for me. I still like to try these things though.

This is a very enjoyable and versatile drink. At £27 it is very well priced. It would definitely make my Christmas list.

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Disclosure – I was gifted a bottle to review in return for my honest opinion

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