Baabuk Yves Slippers

Cosy Toes with Baabuk

Baabuk make beautiful wool slippers, boots and sneakers that not only look great but are functional too. I have been sent a pair of their Yves slippers and I am so impressed.

My Yves slippers are a beautiful Burgundy, keep my feet toasty warm and are completely practical around the house with the elastic side that makes them easy to slip on and off and the firm rubber sole so I can nip outside if I need too and am fully protected from the lego/marble/tiny sharp toy fiasco that is my home.

Baabuk Yves Slippers

Whilst designed in Switzerland they are actually hand made in Nepal using traditional methods. I love that this means each pair of shoes, slippers or boots is actually individual. Maybe with a different stitch here or there. I love to support handmade. It’s friendly to the environment and helps look after the crafters as well.

Made of 100% wool, and beautifully felted, you’ll only find soap and water used. The soles are a natural rubber that is so flexible and firm enough to make them sturdy and hard wearing. I love that are no seams, it is made in one section and the only stitches are around the soles, elastic edge panel and on the lovelt, padded inside sole.

I actually think they are mini works of art. Every time I slip my feet into my Yves slippers it is a pleasure and they look good enough for the school run, which if I’m honest is sorely tempting,

Because they are made of wool they are so warm. But also breathable so my feet have never gotten too hot and sweaty and eventually freezing as you so often find with synthetic footwear. Because of the wool they have also moulded perfectly to my foot.

Baabuk Yves Slippers

I have several pairs of slippers at home but since these have arrives they have been the only ones I have worn. Mainly because they keep me so warm but also because they are practical.

I’ll be honest I originally thought that the €69 was a bit high, but actually, now I’ve got them on my feet, I can see the workmanship alone justifies the price tag and that’s without the fact they are super comfy, so warm and look amazing. I’m genuinely very impressed and am now thinking about getting myself a pair of the gorgeous Sky Wooler Sneakers as I think they would be perfect for the summer.

I’m really sad I hadn’t heard of Baabuk before as I think my feet have been missing out! I mean I genuinely never thought I could write this much about a pair of slippers! Most definitely worth the investment, with a little care these are going to go the distance.

Disclosure – I was gifted my slippers in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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