The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

Cosy Up with a Course from The Centre of Excellence

Over the last couple of months I have been beavering away at home, working my way through some course from The Centre of Excellence.

The Centre of Excellence offers a huge range of home learning courses but I was mostly interested in their crafting courses. I do love to craft and so it is naturally a topic that interests me.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

Over the Winter when the weather is somewhat inclement and the sky grey it makes perfect sense to me to fill my evenings with something constructive. Especially when it;s something that interests me.

I opted for the Calligraphy Course. It is £127, 10 modules long, certified and accredited. It’s a level three course so if you are working on your CPD you would gain 150 points from it.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy
The best I could do

I have lots of beautiful equipement at home, pens of all shapes, sizes colours and styles. Brush pens, fountain pens, felt tip pens. Different sized and shaped nibs. Fabulous papers. I have always had an interest in Calligraphy and love to write a letter or create pretty journal entries, I just don’t have the skills. So I was very interested to learn and pick up some hints and tips. The fact I could leave with not only the knowledge I was seeking but a qualification as well was very appealing to me.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

When I signed up to my course I was also given a free course, How to Be a Super Learner. So that was what I started with and it is actually very good. It gives a great base on which to start your learning, with hints and tips about how to learn effectively and it’s a nice way to start things off if you haven’t completed any formal learning in a while, either at home or in a formal setting and it really added to my confidence and knowledge.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

When I completed this first course I was presented with my Diploma, an actual certificate, I passed with distinction and it’s something I could provide future employers and is something I have added to my LinkedIn profile. I love the fact you can have the PDF copy of your certificate immediately and for free, you can also have it printed and mailed to you for a small fee if you would like. There is an additional option of paying for an ABC certificate.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

I then started with my Calligraphy course. The modules started with some very informative history and equipment lessons. A lot of information to absorb and think about and to prepare me for the practical elements that would come later during the course.

At the end of each module there is an assessment to test and consolidate your learning. It can take up to two weeks for these to be marked, but you do not have to wait before continuing with your learning. At points I had several end of module assessments waiting to be marked as I continued with my learning, personally I have found it is better for me to get the modules done whilst I have time, not wait for the results of the previous module.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

Even before I started some of the practical work I learned a few areas where I had been going wrong previously, trying to use brush pens which are very hard and not have any knowledge being two of them! I was definitely trying to run before I could crawl and wondering why I wasn’t getting any results.

I loved the practical elements of the course and have some amazing improvement in what I can now create. It is very satisfying and has genuinely made me very happy.

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

I loved that the final module covered some useful and practical ways you could take your new found skills and maybe convert them into a business. This isn’t learning for learning’s sake, it is potentially life changing or career making. Will I be turning this into a business? No. For me it was just a chance to learn a new skill and gain a new qualification. Am I pleased I did it? Yes! A hundred times yes. It was a great way to fill my evenings. There was no pressure or time constraints, I could have taken as long as I wanted to complete this, or sat down and completed it over a few days had that suited me.

My husband has watched me work through this and liked how the website was laid out, how I got brilliant and constructive feedback and how I always had someone to ask questions of if I needed. He is now considering their Project Management course as that will directly improve his career opportunities and is very useful in his field. I am considering the Mobile Photography course as it would be very helpful for the blog!

The Centre of Excellence Calligraphy

I have done many online courses, but really liked the atmosphere created by The Centre of Excellence, which is odd to say about distance learning. But I found the website incredibly easy to navigate, I liked that I didn’t have to sit and watch Webinars at certain times that may or may not have been convenient or in my personal experience may not even have been pitched at the right level. With these courses the parts I was already familiar with I could read through quickly and then stop to spend the time I needed on the areas I needed to, it worked very well for me and was truly flexible.

If you fancy trying a course for yourself use code STAYATHOME60 for 60% off. That’s an amazing offer!

Disclosure – I was gifted my course in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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