Could Hygge Reduce The Stress Of Parenting?

Could Hygge Reduce the Stress of Parenting?

It’s no secret that Denmark is famous for being the happiest nation on earth. Now hygge-mania is sweeping the UK with thirteen books on the subject hitting the best seller chart in 2016. But can hygge, the untranslatable Danish concept of cosiness and quality time together, still be applied when you have a new baby in the house?
Does living in the moment hygge style make parents more stressed because it raises their expectations. Or, is it the equivalent of a warm hug embracing the whole family? In favour of hygge is child psychologist and Danish parenting expert, Iben Sandahl[1], who believes, “Hygge doesn’t require anything other than your full presence and your wish to be in the moment with your child.”


Research from Infacol[2], Britain’s number one infant colic remedy[3] shows that 74% of UK mums agree that the first six months with a new baby are the most stressful. More than half (65%) say that until you have a baby you can’t imagine the worry involved.

Danes believe that hygge reduces stress and can have a calming influence on babies. “If you are calm, your baby’s behaviour will reflect that,” Iben explains. “Be sincere in your presence and feel gratitude for the life you are living – that’s how to create a hygge moment.”

Creating the right ambience in the home is also important according to Iben. “I used to light a candle and dim the lighting while sharing a special moment with my children when they were babies.”

Mother and Baby

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[1] Iben Sandahl does not endorse Infacol.

[2] According to research on 2000 UK mothers by Vital Research and Statistics on behalf of Infacol, 2016.

[3] Based on IRI unit sales data 4 w/e 24 December 2016 – 56.6% unit share

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