Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw from Drumond Park

We have been playing with Crazy Claw from Drumond Park recently, so I thought I would give you our verdict. Mine and L’s differ slightly on this one.

I’m going to start by pointing out this game is aimed at ages 5 and up. L is only 3. So I was always completely aware there may be parts of the gameplay he didn’t quite get and that maybe he wouldn’t be able to do it all.

Crazy Claw
I got one!!

We’re big fans of Drumond Park games at home, both adult and kids games. Crazy Claw has been the first to disappoint. Maybe it’s because I was so excited about it ahem L was so excited about it. From the moment I unpacked it I found little things that annoyed me. They are just little things but they do need mentioning.

Crazy Claw
Crazy Claw

The stickers around the base of the game were really hard to apply, they were fiddly and ideally could have been done in the factory to save poor, slightly neat obsessed parents like me applying them.

Then there was making the whole thing up. You have a solid plastic base and a solid plastic lid, but the sides are a thin and flexible plastic that have to be bent into shape and fitted into slots in the base. Fitting it into the base was awkward but OK as you could easily access everything, popping the lid on was a very different matter though and it drove me crazy.

Crazy Claw
Crazy Claw Official Image

I didn’t only have to do it once either, every time the game gets a bit too exciting  or someone unfamiliar with it picks it up (expecting it to be solid) it comes apart and you have to go through it all again.

That, however, is my only complaint. L adores the game, really adores it and even though it’s aimed at older children the simple rules mean he can actually play it properly.

Crazy Claw
He’s so thoughtful when he plays this

Each player (max 4) gets a card with three images on. Inside each of the balls there is a token with an image. The idea is you take it turns to grab a ball, whilst everyone else is making them jump about ny hitting the paddles. If the token from your ball matches one of the pictures on your card you keep it and pop the empty back in. If the token doesn’t match you leave it in the ball, put it back and carry on.

Everyone keeps taking turns until they fill their card and the first to get all three wins. So simple.

getting clawed
He was trying to get me

It can be fast paced or a bit more gentle depending on the age of the child, is really easy to shorten or lengthen and most importantly L and all of his friends love it.

I think this is one of those games that parents will dread but kids will adore. I remember my parents feeling that way about Hungry Hippos, the noise it made whilst we were playing drove them to distraction and the constant loss of those little marbles was wildly irritating, My sister and I on the other hand loved that game. Crazy Claw is going to be that game for us, lost balls and the need to fix it constantly will annoy me but the excitement of what is essentially a beach arcade game in his living room and all the bright colours will keep L going back time and time again.

Crazy Claw has a RRP of £22.99 for more information and stockists, please visit

Crazy Claw
Crazy Claw

Disclosure – we were gifted our game in return for an honest review.

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