Character Oonies

Creative Kits from Character – Oonies & Orbeez

L was recently sent a bundle of lovely toys from Character Options, perfect for keeping him occupied indoors now the weather isn’t quite so lovely!Character Oonies

They have loads of great creative kits available we were sent the brilliant Oonies Starter Station Pack (£19.99) which allows you to create all sorts of things with mini, sticky, balloons . We also got some Orbeez (£5.99 each) which are a collectable pet with a difference. Character Orbeez

The first thing L wanted to open with much excitement were the Orbeez, he was desperate to know what these little balls could be. So was I as I have never come across a collectable item that needed instructions!! Character Orbeez

They are fab and really a bit different. You see you don’t discover your surprise as soon as you unwrap them. No you need to add water. Inside each Orbeez are lots of clear water beads, but without you adding water they obscure the pet hidden inside. Adding water allows you to see which cute and fun animal you got.  A key allows you to make your pet dance and jiggle in the water and you can leave it on display it’s little orb all the time if you want. Or you can take it out to play with, or convert the bottom of the orb into an open air display. Character Orbeez

Using the water beads adds an element of fun I was expecting and so long as you keep the in water, or an airtight container, they will last and last. Keeping small fingers from poking and prodding them is a different matter though!Character Orbeez

A little expensive for an everyday collectable, but good price for a surprise treat!Character Oonies

Next on our play agenda was Oonies. L loved them and soon got to grips with inflating his little balloons. Aged at ages 5+ the Starter Station Pack has everything you need to get started with this fun creative kit. Character Oonies

Oonies aren’t normal balloons, not even close, they actually look like little rubber pellets and you place them into the inflating sphere, close it, twist it onto the station, pull down the lever (which inserts a needle into the pellet) and pump until the guide shows you when to stop.Character Oonies

Though that sounds quite complicated it’s actually not at all and L worked it out really fast and there are loads of safety features that mean the needle I mentioned is never a worry at all. It is completely encased and will only come out when the sphere is clicked into place correctly. I had no worries at all. Character Oonies

Once you’ve inflated the Oonies you can do so much with them! Stack them up and see how high you can go. Throw them, they stick to windows. Pop them, to be fair that’s very satisfying. Make little creatures using the sticky accessories they come with. Even display them. Character Oonies

L loved stacking them up, sticking them to the windows and creating some weird and wonderful creatures. He even made me a crown!Character Oonies

Once inflated they don’t last long and will just pop of their own accord after a bit so you don’t have to worry about a house full or slightly sticky art that you have to find somewhere to keep. You may however be finding the popped pellets every time you vacuum!Character Oonies

I really liked that L could just get on with something creative and fun without much, if any, input from me. L just enjoyed them, they are very tactile. Character Oonies

For more information and fun competitions head to

You can buy these great Character Kits from Smyths and Argos. Character Oonies

Disclosure – we were sent our products for the purpose of this review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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