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We all know using our mobile data abroad can be super expensive. You’re OK inside the EU but what about when you travel outside the European Union? Well depending on your mobile provider you’ll be charged per megabyte used, potentially quite a lot. Dataroam offer mobile data sim cards that you pay for upfront, avoiding any nasty surprises.

Dataroam International SIM
Dataroam International SIM

When we were in Turkey on holiday we took our Dataroam in husbs tablet as it is unlocked. It was really easy to set up, just pop the card in, change the APN settings following the instructions on the packet and you’re away. Done.

The data connection was great, nice and strong and perfect for browsing and even a bit of streaming. Obviously it depends on the signal strength where you are but the card will use the strongest signal available to it, you’re not tied in with one network provider.

I’m going to be upfront, the plans are not cheap. That being said they are better value than roaming with most providers. 

500mb of data on the International plan we needed to cover us in Turkey is £37.99. There are higher data options as well. If you’re looking for Europe & The USA prices are cheaper.

Don’t be put off by the price though, just think about if you need it and cost it into the holiday. Roaming with my provider in Turkey costs £5 per mb. £5! They are not alone in these costs, O2 offer a bolt on for £4.99 a day, Three charge £3 per mb, EE charge £4 a day and that gives you 40mb to use in 24 hours.

We used 260mb whilst we were away, that would have cost me £1300. £37.99 doesn’t seem so bad now.

EE wouldn’t have worked for us as one day in particular we needed more than 40mb, I’ll chat about that in a second. O2 at £34.93 would have been better, but unless you are already with them a new contract isn’t really an option for saving a couple of quid. Three would have cost us £780. As you can see from a quick look at a few providers, those prices actually stack up well.

But do you really need data when abroad? Yes, you do. At least I think so.

You know it’s not all about Facebook and Instagram, though that is nice. For me it’s about work, about this blog, at a stretch I could have let that slide but I’m happier being able to touch base. More than that though it’s about being able to research things and get information you need. 

Husb was ill whilst we were away. He got really bad swimmers ear and ended up going to the Doctor’s in Turkey about it and needed treatment. Having the Dataroam SIM card meant we were able to sit in the comfort of our room and investigate home remedies, potential issues, if he needed treatment or not, translate some key phrases, double check our travel insurance fine print, email our insurers. You get it. Having that access to Data we had already paid for made a massive difference.

But don’t all hotels have WiFi now? Yes most do, but not all and not necessarily reliable. Our resort had WiFi at one of the pubs, in reception and occasionally at the beach bar. When you feel ill and are worried you don’t really want to be in public sorting things out. When you have a four year old and both need to be discussing something you really, really don’t want to be worried about them leaping into the swimming pool. Being able to do this in our room made a stressful situation easier to cope with. 

The packages last 30 days or until the data is used up. You can register your card online to top up when you need. It’s just so easy to use and for us made a massive difference to our holiday.

So long story short, I think this is a great service and very much worth it.

Oh and after treatment husb was fine and enjoyed the rest of the holiday. Just in case you were wondering.

Disclosure – we had a 1GB International package supplied to us for the purpose of this review from Dataroam.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. This is great information about Dataroam. I will defiantly use it whenever i will travel outside the EU.

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