The Wayland Show 2016

Our Day at The Wayland Show 2016

The Wayland Show 2016

Last weekend we took L to The Wayland Show. I can’t believe we hadn’t been before, I felt sure we must have done, but no, this was our first visit.

The Wayland Show is held in Watton, it has loads of parking and there is so much to see and do. We were lucky to have an amazing sunny day, if a bit blustery and L had just the best time.

We loved the fact that as soon as we arrived the local Lions Club was on hand with free wristbands for the kids in case they wandered off, which was super handy as L was so excited he went a bit feral.

We headed to the show for the afternoon and were a little concerned we might have missed the best of it but we really hadn’t.

Sheep at The Wayland Show
Sheep at The Wayland Show

What’s on

There was something to watch in the main ring all the time, we watched a bit of the Mid Norfolk Gun Dogs display, heard the Phoenix Pipes & Drums as we were walking round and stopped to watch the Kangaroo Kids Quad Bike Stunt Team before the Grand Parade of all the Livestock winners closed up the show.

As well as the main ring there were loads of local businesses with displays, many of whom had free sweets or even ice pops. As you can imagine this only aided L’s feral state. He was in his element.

He loved the vintage tractor displays and the vintage cars. The mini steam engines were a favourite but he didn’t take up his chance for a ride. There were tanks to look at, all kinds of modern farming machinery and of course livestock.

A Champion Chicken
A Champion Chicken


The livestock was definitely L’s favourite part of The Wayland Show, mine too if I’m honest. I could have watched the horses for hours, with two rings for them to show off their skills there was lots to watch. There were donkey rides too but we missed these somehow, there was so much to see.

I liked seeing the goats, sheep and pigs outside but for L the main draw was the Fur & Feather tent. He loved seeing all the rabbits, chicken and geese. We were in their for ages whilst he looked at every single animal in there. Every single one. They should have got him to judge, He certainly had an opinion on them all.

The Birds of Prey were excellent as well, we spent quite some time looking at them.

L checking out the rabbits at the Wayland Show
L checking out the rabbits at the Wayland Show

Food and drink

Of course there was no shortage of places to stop and grab a bite to eat and drink at the show. This very much pleased both L and husb, don’t worry I found a great cheese stand and some local fizz to try so I wasn’t left out.

There were ice creams flowing and you could tell which stalls had ice cold drinks as they certainly had the largest queues. The lemonade stand was awesome.  Not to mention the shop that sold nothing but liquorice.

Watching the quad bikes with his new lion
Watching the quad bikes with his new lion

Everything Else

There was so much at the show we didn’t even see and we were there for four hours. Loads of kids fair rides, which for some inexplicable reason scare L at the moment.

We missed the shopping village and the pigs as a tractor had drawn L in the other direction and there were so many trade stands and stalls we just flitted by on our way to the next tractor, tank or animal that he just had to see.

There were plenty of fair games too, none of which we played, but a massive shout out has to go to the young couple who had won a toy lion and gave it to L. It made his day and even now almost a week later it has barely left his side.

We had a great time at the show and will definitely be going back next year. It was a really easy and really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Next year’s show will be on Sunday 5th August 2017, definitely a date for the diary.

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Disclosure – I was provided with free admission as a thank you for advertising the show and was in no way expected to write a follow up article. I have shared my day out because it was such a good day out.

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