Our December JCB Kids Delivery

It is fair to say that being a JCB Kids Brand Ambassador has made L’s year, a ready supply of digger and tractor themed goodies delivered to his door to test out has been no hardship for him.

This month the delivery couldn’t have been better timed, it was waiting for us the day we got home from Bluestone. We had just had a lovely break but L had been really unwell on the last day and we had just driven home, in one day, so L had been in the car all day. Tired, bored and poorly it wasn’t a pretty combination, so seeing a lovely JCB parcel when we got in really changed our evening He perked up straight away, playing happily whilst we unloaded and got ourselves a bit organised.

JCB Kids Toys Reviewed Tested
What’s in here?

This month L got a book, which also folds out to be a track for a little wind up bulldozer. The Mega Diggers Whizzy Winders Books (RRP £9.99 from Igloo Books) is a chunky and tough little book, perfect for little hands. The story is nice but the real draw is the fold out section with it’s grooved track for the little bulldozer to whizz around.

JCB Kids Whizzy Digger Book
JCB Kids Whizzy Digger Book

He got a great dot to dot activity book, Digger Dots (RRP £4.99 from Igloo Books) with stickers, which would have been ace for in the car that day really. You get to complete the puzzles, then colour them in, plus there is also over 300 stickers, which is a huge amount of sticker fun.

JCB Kids Toys Review Tested
Ooo a new book

He also got a JCB box filled with mini cones and road signs, another wind up digger which also worked in the book he was sent as well as a mini activity book. The My Mega Digger Toolbox (RRP £14.99) isn’t something I would have ever picked for him myself, lots of small parts to be lost or stood on, so for that exact reason he adores it.

JCB Kids Toys Reviewed Tested
Open it!!

L’s clear favourites were the wind ups, he loved popping them on the track and watching them go round and he also loved all the cones and road signs, combining them with the book to make his own building site. His imagination was straight away sparked and he had an elaborate game going by the time we sat down properly with him. Telling the diggers where they could and couldn’t go, getting cross with them when they didn’t stop at the stop sign and generally having a great time.

JCB Kids Brand Ambassador
What to play with first

I loved that we now had a handy storage box for all the little bits, that makes life a lot easier and I thought that the both the activity books that came were lovely. The little one in the toolbox is a hardback and has all sorts of things to do, it’s small size means it can pop in a handbag for emergency entertainment, which is exactly what has happened with ours.

The book was a definite favourite, I love the idea of folding it out to make a little track and it’s just really good fun. It keeps him occupied for ages, and it’s really quick and easy to set up and not at all messy, so I of course love it.

As and adult the only thing I thought was a little annoying was the quality of the toolbox itself, in a couple of areas the paper covering in the box has come loose and catches every time you open and close it. Only a minor niggle, but I know it means it’s not going to last as long as it could.

Overall we are both once again over the moon with the products. I love the variety of things you can get and timing wise it got us out of a potentially awful evening with a grumpy toddler, so for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Disclosure – as Brand Ambassadors we are sent products in return for our open and honest opinions.

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