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Decorating Projects You Can Easily Do with Your Kids

The way you decorate your home is important. It has a big impact on how you and the rest of the family feel.

The problem is finding the time to do it. When you have kids, putting aside a weekend to strip back the lounge and repaint it is rarely viable. Fortunately, you can keep your home in a good state of repair by spending a couple of each week do small decorating jobs.

Often, you can involve the kids. This keeps them quiet for a bit and allows you to focus a bit more on the task at hand. Here are a few kid-friendly decorating projects to get you started.Decorating ideas

Create some canvas prints for each room.

Canvas prints like the ones you can buy from look fantastic. They work in virtually any style of home and it only takes a few minutes to order one, once you have found the image you want. Plus, you can use any image or photo. If you are ordering one for your child’s bedroom you can let them go through the photos until they find one that they like. Or you could ask them to paint or draw something, scan it, and send that off to be turned into a canvas print. Kids love seeing something they created turned into a work of art. For most children, it can be really inspirational having one of their drawings turned into a proper canvas print.Decorating ideas


Children love painting. The first time they do it things can be a bit messy, but it is surprising how quickly they pick things up. So, if you are painting a room let them have a go at the wall that is behind the sofa. You will need to supervise a bit and maybe go over some of it again, but it is surprising how helpful having a little assistant can be.

Decorating ideas


Wallpaper is coming back in vogue and kids love getting involved with this DIY project. Even quite young children are capable of mixing the paste and paint it onto the wallpaper. You will be pleasantly surprised by how helpful it is to have someone to do that task for you. You just need to take a quick look at each piece before picking it up to hang it. Sometimes you may have to fill in a bit that has been missed or remove a little of the paste because your child has been a bit too enthusiastic.Decorating ideas

Putting together flat pack furniture

This is really a project for when the kids are a bit older. Having an extra pair of hands around when you need to put together your flat-pack furniture really helps. Plus, some kids are great at spatial awareness. Oddly, enough a 12-year old can usually put something together far faster than you can.Decorating ideas

Creating decorative items

If you like to make some of your soft-furnishings, wall hangings and other items it is really easy to get the kids involved. Most children will happily sit at the table or on the sofa and help you. This article should inspire you to create decorative items for your home with your children, it includes some fantastic ideas.

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