Deep Heat Roll On

When I started my little project to be a healthier, slimmer and fitter Bridesmaid next year, it wasn’t just about diet to help me lose weight but also about adding exercise into my routine.

As I’m not one for massive amounts of exercise I was pleased when Deep Heat got in touch kindly suggesting they send me on of their new Muscle Massage Roll-On’s, just in case I were to need it. 

Let me tell you I have needed it. Not just for when I’ve overdone it exercise wise but I’ve also used it on my neck and shoulder after my sinuses have been playing up, you see whenever my sinuses get blocked, not only do I get the headache from hell but my neck and shoulder freeze up as a further delightful treat!image001

What I love about the roll on is how easy it is to apply yourself, I’ve always been a fan of Deep Heat with a tube on the go in the house at all times, but trying to rub the cream into your neck or back yourself can be difficult and I normally just end up giving up. With the roll on it just makes it really easy to angle and apply it to wherever it needs to go.

The roller ball also helps to massage it in, which is both pleasant and stops you from having loads of it in just one place.

What I have found with this lotion is that it is so much stronger than the cream, a lot stronger, you only need a little and please do not be foolish like I was and use it after a hot bath! Tingly! The heat builds up quickly and really works on relieving sore, tired and aching muscles. It really works rather wonderfully and I shall be buying this over and above the standard tube of cream from now on. I love the lotion and its new format.

RRP £4.99, available from Boots, Tesco and other pharmacies and grocery stores.

Disclosure – I was gifted my Deep Heat in exchange for an honest review.

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