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Delicious Food & Drink Gifts for Christmas

That time of year is here, so if you are looking for some ideas for delicious food and drink gifts you can buy this Christmas I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite items for you.

Beechs Truffles
Beechs Truffles

Luxury Truffles from Beechs £6.99

I immediately fell in love with the packaging of this stunning luxury truffles. All you need is love and chocolate. Perfect.

They make such a great gift but what flavour will you choose. Champagne. Prosecco. Salted Caramel. Pink Champagne. It’s a tough one!

These are top quality handmade truffles which are made with the best ingredients and a lot of love. The flavours are superb and they will keep you wanting more. Delicious.

Walkers Shortbread Musical Tin
Walkers Shortbread Musical Tin

Walkers Shortbread from £1.30

Walkers Shortbread actually offer more than just amazing shortbread. Though that is to die for. The little gingerbread men are a festive delight, a gingery, buttery festive delight. The mince pies are also unbelievable. I’d go as far as saying they are the best ‘shop bought’ mince pie available. But for me it’s more than just the food. It’s the amazing packaging, from cute wobbling tins, to classic wreaths. My favourite is the musical tin. These make great gifts.

Cadbury Selection Pack
Cadbury Selection Pack

Cadbury from £4.99 online, even less in stores

For me it’s not quite Christmas unless someone gets me a Cadbury selection box, it’s not a big thing, but it’s actually rather important  (ahem Husband, take note).

This year they have some fab new products for our festive tastebuds, including a Heroes Advent Calendar and a fab Christmas Cracker filled with Snow Bites for your table.

ChocOnChoc Sprouts from Find Me A Gift
ChocOnChoc Sprouts from Find Me A Gift

Chocolate Sprouts from Find Me A Gift £9.99

These are great gift and look so life like. Funny for sprout haters or lovers. A welcome treat for any chocolate lover the ChocOnChoc sprouts from are bound to delight.

They are solid white chocolate and look good enough to slip onto your dinner plate!

McVitie's Digestive Nibbles White Chocolate
McVitie’s Digestive Nibbles

McVitie’s from £1.99

How many of you have a few friends and relatives you always get a nice box of biscuits for? I know I do.

I love the classic McVitie’s Victoria selection, super chocolately and more than a bit indulgent not to mention great value for money. They’ve got more great gifts in their range though, like white chocolate digestive nibbles, perfect to enjoy during a festive film.

Godiva at Sainsbury's
Godiva at Sainsbury’s

Godiva from £5

I’ve been a big fan of Godiva chocolates for some time now. They literally never fail to delight. They have recently launched in Sainsbury’s which is just great as they’ll be even easier to get hold of now.

The Christmas selection box is available in two sizes and having nibbled on a few, just to check the quality you understand, I can vouch for them. With luxury chocolate and complex flavours they are a real treat for the chocolate lover in your life.

Apothic Dark
Apothic Dark

Apothic Dark £10

I am not a big red wine drinker, but when I find a bottle I enjoy it needs shouting about.

Apothic Dark has the least festive bottle imaginable, though I’m rather fond of it, but it’s big fruity flavour with notes of blueberry and blackberry, with a chocolate layer it couldn’t be better for Christmas. Best enjoyed in front of the fire with a candle or to lit and a mince pie.

Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio
Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio

Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio £8.50

I love Pinot Grigio, I love Bubbly. This should have been a match made in heaven. It is a very nice drink, very nice indeed but it almost didn’t make the guide as it’s a little sweeter than I’d usually pick.

Husb on the other hand adored it. I think he actually had more of the bottle than I did and that never happens. I can’t actually remember the last time I saw him so excited about a wine. So Barefoot Bubbly, for bringing my husband over to the ‘wine’ side, that is a Christmas gift money can’t buy!

The Man Box Ross & Ross Food
The Man Box Ross & Ross Food

The Man Box Ross & Ross Food from £22

Husb was a bit impressed with this. Premium Cotswold Lager, yum. Salami, what a treat. Mr Trotter’s Great British Crackling, perfect. Finished off with a Smoked Apple Chutney. All he had to add was a bit of cheese and he was well sorted for the night.

This makes a great gift, a perfectly sized hamper filled with lovely products, the packaging is great and you wouldn’t even have to wrap it if you didn’t want to.

Pickering's Gin Baubles
Pickering’s Gin Baubles

Pickering’s Gin Baubles £30

Once again I’ve saved my favourite for last.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles are a product designed for me, like they crept inside my head and combined my two loves. Christmas and Gin.

These fun and colourful baubles are filled with delicious Pickering’s Gin. It is honestly the perfect gift for a Gin lover. You get 6 in the box and with 5cl of gin in each bauble, all you need to add is some tonic.

There’s no limit on the amount you can order, but stocks are running low so you’ll want to get in there quick to avoid disappointment.


Disclosure – I was sent samples of the products so that I could try them. I have only included products I genuinely enjoy.

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