Shaken Udder

Delicious Shaken Udder Milkshakes

What better delivery could you receive when hosting your son’s friend for some play and theoretically a grown up chat. You got it, milkshakes! It just so happens Shaken Udder choose the best day ever to send us a delicious box of samples. 

Shaken Udder is a range of school-approved milkshakes (less than 5% sugar) packed with natural, real ingredients and no added nasties. They are made from British milk and are packed with calcium and vitamin B12 and perfect for lunch boxes and snacks.Shaken Udder

As well as the Shaken Udder kids cartons there are five more grown up flavours in the range to enjoy.

As the grown ups in this situation we felt it was only right to try some ourselves. There is a chance we may have told the kids the bottles were grown up milkshakes and they were only allowed the cartons. You see they are just too yummy to share.

They are thick and creamy and the flavours are amazing. You can taste they haven’t used artificial ingredients, they are so fresh.

The kids adored the cartons, it’s hard to say if chocolate or strawberry was in the lead. It was even the first taste of milkshake for the baby sister who was busy being ignored by the boys. She was very taken with it! Milkshake is pretty exciting when you’re one.Shaken Udder

As for the adult only shakes (ahem), well we really felt like we were treating ourselves. Top Banana, made with real bananas was probably my favourite but it was a close call what with the Strawberries and Clotted Cream being so delicious. There was also Chocolush, Vanillalicious and Salted Caramel to enjoy.

All super yummy and none left over. We had to thoroughly test them you understand.

For me it was nice to find a milkshake that was in a nice sized portion, I often find the ones you buy in supermarkets are just way too huge. It was great to get delicious and natural flavours, all using top ingredients like Maldon Sea Salt or Rodda Clotted Cream. None of that artificial nonsense that tastes too sweet and leaves a funny feeling in your mouth.

Mainly I was just happy to find something I could treat the boys to without feeling guilty. The Shaken Udder shakes are a real treat, genuinely delicious, but being less than 5% sugar you can relax.

Very impressed.

Disclosure – we were sent samples free of charge, All opinions are my own.

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