Dig & Display Fossil Kit

Dig & Display Fossil Kit

With the summer holidays looming it’s always good to have some activities up your sleeve for a rainy day. For us one of the things we go back to time and time again are fossil dig kits. They are simple and easy to use and happily keep L occupied for quite a while depending on the size. We’ve recently tried the Dig & Display Fossil Kit from Learning Resources and its one of the best we have had!

Dig & Display Fossil Kit Contents
You get a lot in the box and a really big digging block

The Dig & Display Fossil Kit has 8 real fossils to be discovered and comes with good quality digging tools and a very good information booklet that tells you a bit about everything you find. I particularly like that the box turns into a display unit for the fossils, it’s a great idea and saves them just being lost of hidden in the bottom of a box somewhere, the display case even has space for you to add some of your own treasures to it.

Dig & Display Info booklet
We really enjoyed the information booklet that came with the kit

As soon as L saw the Dig & Display Fossil kit he wanted to get started, I did manage to get him to hold off for a few days but the excitement was just too much. With this in mind I would say it’s worth keeping it hidden a surprise rainy day activity or you will just be pestered with requests to use it from the moment your kids see it!

Dig & Display Fossil Kit
As you can see L was delighted to receive this Dig & Display Fossil Kit

He worked on it after school for a few afternoons and it did take him quite a while to find everything and then to get them nicely cleaned up. I would say it took him around 3 hours in total to dig everything out, over two sessions and another 30 minutes or so to get them all lovely and clean on another afternoon. We then built the display box and read the book about the fossils which took another hour.

Working on getting the fossils
He had company on the dig!

For me it was a lovely activity because I could just set him up with it and get on with some other bits, which is the whole reason I like this kind of thing. I then really liked that we then got to sit down together and read and learn about his finds. He was excitedly showing me what he had and matching them to the pictures, so I could read the right section. It was a nice thing to do together after he’d spent some time by himself. A great way to share something together and for him to tell me all about something that excites him.

Dig & Display Fossil Kit
All of his fossils on display

The Dig & Display Fossil Kit costs £20.00 and is available from learningresources.co.uk

I think it offers great value for money as not only did the initial finding of the fossils really take a nice amount of time and then he will always have the book and his beautiful display of fossils. A great activity for the summer holidays and a lovely way to learn about something new.

Disclosure – we were gifted our Dig & Display Fossil Kit. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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