Diggerland Kent

Diggerland Kent

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to be guests at Diggerland Kent. We had a fabulous time but then lockdown happened and it just didn’t feel like the right time to be writing about this great day out we had enjoyed, that now, no one else could. With the easing of restrictions it’s great to see that Diggerland is back and ready for visitors so here is a little bit about our experience.

Diggerland Kent

We are not new to the Diggerland experience having previously visited Diggerland Durham a few years ago with the boy. This ment we were fully aware it was going to be a long day! What the kids can do is based primarily on their height, so make sure you check out the website before visiting so you know what you can/can’t do on the day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at all they are allowed on.

Diggerland Kent

L is 6 years old and a fairly average height for his age I’d say, he was allowed on pretty much everything, driving huge tractors and operating diggers, whizzing around on Spin Dizzy and navigating a track in a dump truck. It was awesome and it’s hard to say who had more fun, us grown ups or the child.

Smiling Boys

Our visit was on one of those lovely British days where it’s cold and sunny and then in a blink of an eye you are being absolutely soaked. This meant that it was quiet with hardly a single queue, ideal. I would say don’t be put off by the weather, diggers are built for the worst our weather can throw at them, so everything was still operating. The only slight change that had to made was Skyshuttle not lifting to its full height (phew) due to the wind. But we were still whipping round on Spin Dizzy and making the most of anything we could drive that had a cab.

Diggerland Kent

We had bought a picnic lunch that we enjoyed on the indoor seating by the soft play area but there is a very reasonably priced cafe waiting for you too.

What we love about Diggerland is that once you have paid for entry that’s it, there is very little you have to pay extra for once you are in. A few coin operated rides for little guests, but I found they were subtly tucked out of the way so didn’t even get noticed by L whi too busy running for the next digger he could operate or tractor he could drive. The big one for us was the Dodgems, no hiding them, but it’s an inexpensive treat and you just buy your tokens from the gift shop, ready to use when you want.

Diggerland Kent

The gift shop is a JCB lovers heaven, we were very happy to find they had a penny squasher, L collects them and always has enough pocket money to be able to afford one, so that’s a nice treat. He had been saving hard for his trip to Diggerland and it’s gift shop at the end so we left with an excellent telehandler toy to add to his collection. I liked that there was plenty to choose from, for all ages, and starting at pocket money prices.

Now when it comes to Covid, I know some changes have been made and there are obviously masks to think of too, but we visited before all of this so can’t comment on that side of things, but they have a very good FAQ section on their website.


From our visit I can say it is a mainly outdoor site, it’s very well organised with clear queuing areas and amazingly friendly staff. Most of the rides are sit on/ride on vehicles with either no cab or open sided cabs and you are using them by yourself, with the staff there for direction only. A few rides like Spinydizzy, the Ground Shuttle and Sky Shuttle you sit with other members of the public, but I can’t see that being a problem with social distancing, you just leave some seats free between you. A few of the experiences, like driving the huge JCB 3CX and the Jeep Safari you have a driver/staff member in with you, so I know Diggerland will have made sure they have done everything they can for safety but whether you used them or not would ultimately be your decision and if you didn’t want too, well there’s a lot of other things to do.

Enjoying SpinDizzy

I’ll be honest, I’ve been very cautious of visiting anything ‘touristy’ with L, this whole thing has sent my anxiety through the roof and a trip to the beach at 5.30pm on a Sunday evening had me close to tears, but I would go to Diggerland in a heartbeat if only it was a bit closer to us. The whole set up of the park, the staff and the ability to keep it organised and safe leaves me feeling confident of a day out there. Diggerland Kent is easy to get to, has loads of free parking and

Diggerland Kent

Value for money wise, I just can’t complain. There is so much to do, for all ages, it’s a day easily filled and a day that will be remebered for years to come. L was super excited for his visit to Diggerland in Kent because he could still remember his visit to the Durham site and being bigger this time round was excited to try more things.

Racing away

His favourite ride was Spindizzy, we went on it so many times, he loved the speed and the great view he got of the tractor, plus being sat in the modified bucket was a real treat. He loved that he got to drive the big 3CX, all by himself. The giant diggers were a big hit too. We had such a great day and the kids have so much independance to explore and play and learn whilst they are they it’s a joy.

Diggerland Kent

Disclosure – we were gifted entry for our day out at Diggerland Kent, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own. Please refer to the website for the latest information about prices, entry and Covid-19

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