New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom

Dry Overnight? Not Yet!

Toilet training has been an absolute nightmare for us. Taking, and this is no word of a lie, nearly 2 years. The key for us was perseverance and eventually removing all nappies and training pants entirely. Even at night!

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
Everyone loves his bedding

There’s no two ways about it, he was, and still isn’t ready to be without pants at night. He’s not dry. But they were causing so many issues during the day, really confusing him and encouraging him to just try and hold on all day, we had to take the plunge.

So what does this mean for us? Well it means none of us get a full night’s sleep. It means the washing machine is working overtime and we also needed more bedding, lots more bedding.

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
So much washing, every day, so much

Thankfully there are some great choices with Kiddies Kingdom.

You may think they are just for babies, or know that you can get amazing nursery furniture sets from Kiddies Kingdom. Well the nursery furniture sets are indeed amazing and I wish we had got ours from them and there is everything you need for babies, but they also cater for slightly older children, especially on the bedding front. We got everything we needed and more.

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
Our new bedding from Kiddies Kingdom

I already had two sets of bedding on the go but this just isn’t enough. You need 3. Minimum. One on the bed. One in the wash. Plus one ready to go. It’s not just are the bed covers, you need sheets both waterproof and normal. I’d also recommend a second, machine washable duvet. So that’s just what I got from Kiddies Kingdom. A cute bedding set, new duvet, fitted sheet and waterproof sheet. Everything came really quickly. The cost was great and the quality is just brilliant. I’m so impressed.

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
This waterproof sheet is amazing, such a great size and machine washable and tumble dryable

The website is easy to navigate and they had loads to fit his cotbed sized mattress, which can be quite awkward. The fitted sheets have generous fittings and plenty of elastic, making bed changes a lot easier. The bedding is the perfect fit, without being baggy or too small which can often be an issue.

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
It looks great and means I have plenty of bedding to go round

More than anything it’s made our lives easier. We can leave his second duvet made up ready for the swap, then just quickly change the bottom sheets before everyone goes back to sleep.

I know he’ll get there soon enough. Already we’re getting some dry nights but at least for now we don’t have to stress about getting our laundry done immediately.

New Bedding from Kiddies Kingdom
Very happy and snug under such lovely sheets

Disclosure – we were gifted or items in return for an honest review

2 thoughts on “Dry Overnight? Not Yet!”

  1. I always found it easier to layer up waterproof sheet then fitted sheet then another waterproof sheet and fitted sheet.
    That way the wet sheet and waterproof came off and fresh ones were underneath, chuck in washing machine and hang out in the morning.
    If the spare duvet and cover are ready it can all be changed before child is fully away.
    I always tried a “dream pee” (like a dream feed but not !) before I went to bed.

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