East Anglia Transport Museum

East Anglia Transport Museum

The East Anglia Transport Museum is another new find for us this year. Unlike some of the other places we have visited for the first time, this one we hadn’t even heard of! This is really sad as I genuinely feel like I have deprived L of a few years worth of fun. Simply put, we love it and if you are looking for a fun day out over the summer holidays I couldn’t recommend this more.East Anglia Transport Museum


There is a small free car park for the public to use at the museum with disabled parking right at the entrance.

There are clean and tidy bathrooms with baby changing available in the museum. The bathrooms are quite small so it’s a tight fight if someone is using the sink and you need to get by! If you’ve got younger children it may be worth using the baby change facilities at the end of the toilet block.East Anglia Transport Museum

There is a very nice gift shop filled with all sorts of great gifts, from gifts for the kids to amazing collectables for older visitors. I was very impressed with the prices, I picked up a Thomas the Tank Engine hat for L for £4.50. A bargain.

The cafe is lovely and is again great value for money. They have ice creams, cold drinks, snacks and full meals. We’re talking 50p for a mini milk and under £5 for a meal. You can sit indoors or outside and just enjoy a break whilst watching the Trams and Trolley Buses go by.East Anglia Transport Museum

Things to do 

For L the main draw is the unlimited rides on the Trams, Trolley Buses and Train. Yep, unlimited rides included in your ticket price. This place is actually amazing.

The trams run from the entrance down a line into the woods where you can either get off and enjoy the nice picnic area and wait for the next tram or walk back along the little footpath, or you can turn your seats round and enjoy the ride back to the station.East Anglia Transport Museum

The trolley bus also starts from the entrance and runs in a loop around the museum, it’s a good way to get an idea of what there is to see if it’s your first visit.

The train has its own separate station and runs along a short track to another little station where you can again choose to disembark or stay on for the return journey.

Just with these rides alone the museum is worth a visit, everything has been lovingly restored and the volunteers are all in costume, checking your tickets and stamping them as you go round.

On top of this there are loads of exhibitions and basically a little town to look around. We loved the old post office and the car garage. The steam engine and  the display in the old train carriage.East Anglia Transport Museum

Each time we have visited we’ve found a little something extra to look at or L has given some time to read about something new. One week he visited three times! He just loves it. We went as a family on the Monday, I took him back the Tuesday and my parents loved the idea of it and took him again on the Thursday!

It’s brilliant for all ages, with lots of exhibits for children to get involved with and plenty of information and things to see for us grown ups. I have found it absolutely fascinating.

A massive shout out needs to go the staff, they are all so lovely, eager to share their knowledge and filled with a genuine love for what they do and that is infectious.East Anglia Transport Museum

Opening Times & Prices 

The museum is opening days vary month to month so it is best to check online before you visit, but it is generally open 12pm – 4.30pm Thursday, Saturday and SUnday with plenty of extra days over the school holidays.

Adults are £9 and children are £6 with under fives free. If you Gift Aid your entrance fee you get return visits for the whole year!

As I mentioned these are only a snapshot of the times, for more information please visit the East Anglia Transport Museum website or give them a call.East Anglia Transport Museum


Well we keep on going back and my parents have now been as well. think that says a lot.

It is a truly fabulous museum, interesting and fun and the only thing like it in East Anglia. Each time we have visited we’ve spent a good two to three hours looking round and just having fun.East Anglia Transport Museum

The price is hard to beat and in fact we feel bad that it has cost us so little so we always make sure to buy a souvenir and food as well pop a little extra donation in the pot. It can be hard to get a great day out that doesn’t break the bank, so this make sit extra special.

I don’t have a bad word to say about the East Anglia Transport Museum, we all just love it.East Anglia Transport Museum

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