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East Peasy Snacking with Munchy Seeds

With summer upon us I’m always after some quick and healthy snack options, but they’ve got to be tasty too. It’s not just for the kid but me too, I get a 15 minute lunch break at work normally and I can’t just be grabbing a chocolate bar everyday! So I was only too pleased to try out some Munchy Seeds.

Munchy Seeds make tasty 25g snack packs that are perfect for popping in lunchboxes or enjoying on the go. Seeds are a perfect slow-releasing energy boosting snack, they are tasty and they are good for you.  These roasted seeds are 100% natural, super nutritious and packed full of protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals, giving a brilliant boost at any time of day! I have always enjoyed seeds but often they come in huge bags that aren’t all that practical. So a little 25g bag of Munchy Seeds is perfect.

You can choose from 5 yummy toasted seed mix flavours: Mega Omega, Honey Roasted, Sweet Chilli, Warm Cinnamon, Salted Caramel. The Sweet Chilli is my favourite, I love it, followed by the classic Mega Omega mix and then the Honey Roasted. They are all good though and it’s nice to have a selection. That can be the downside to buying the big bags of seeds, not only am I always having to decant them into something else and often end up not bothering, they can get a bit boring, so it’s nice to mix up the flavours and have something ready to go.

munchy seeds

L wasn’t immediately taken, being like most 7 year children he got whiff of me trying to feed him something healthy and hated them on sight. But I poured a pack of the Honey Roasted into a bowl and just left them on the side, for us both to pick at, knowing that he wouldn’t able to resist for ling without at least trying some. It worked and he does in fact really enjoy them, he’s all about the Honey Roasted and Salted Caramel, enjoying the sweeter flavours more.

I have had to have words with L about him sharing them with the hamster as I’m pretty certain Fluffball can’t handle any extra sweetness, but in all seriousness, flavoured seeds aren’t ok for a hamster! This did have the unexpected benefit of him willingly trying the plain seeds and really enjoying them, so now he can enjoy a snack with his little buddy.

For the most part though I’ve just been slinging a pack in my bag before work and they’ve been keeping me going and I’ve just really enjoyed them.

Available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado, RRP 98p for 25g pack. Munchy Seeds are also available in Sprinkle packs, Mega packs and Bumper tubs.

Disclosure – I was sent some Muncy Seed samples to try out so I could write this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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