Easter Gift Guide

It’s not long until Easter so I’ve pulled together a few items that would make lovely gifts and there isn’t an egg in sight. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration for something a little bit different.

Unity Beauty Essentials Kit

The Essentials Kit from Unity Beauty has everything a mum could need to pamper her skin over the Easter Break, with fabulous full sized products all in one lovely gift box all for £68.00.

Bay and Box

I love flowers, especially bulbs, over the Easter period. That sense of Spring and flash of colour makes me really happy. So why not give the gift of blooms, but one that will last and last. These gorgeous window boxes from Bay and Box look stunning and are brilliantly made. Just plant them up as you wish. Prices from £40.00.

Bunny Jump
Bunny Jump from University Games is the best family fun game you could hope for this Easter. Who doesn’t love pulling carrots to see if a bunny will jump? Then you have to try to catch it. This game has us crying with laughter and it’s so easy to play. Love it. Available from most good toy retailers for around £20.00.


This next one is not for everyone, my husband hated it, but whilst I was initially unsure I found myself going back for and more. Botonique is a unique non-alcoholic botanical drink, which can deliver the perfect, bubbly glass of fizz for those who love wine, but don’t want to, or can no longer, drink alcohol. I liked it because it wasn’t trying to be wine, not at all, the flavour is unique and almost floral. Just £6.99 for a 750ml bottle it is currently stocked by Tabl.com and Ocado.com.

Ragetorc Pens

I love a bit of stationery and I also love a gift that is easily affordable, so these amazing giant crystal pens from Ragetorc are perfect at £4.99. Surprisingly well weighted the pen is a delight to write with and has the added benefit of my son believing it is a magic wand and giving me some semblance of control!!


Mozart White chocolate liqueur from 31Dover.com is a delicious chocolatey treat and it’s only £13.95. It is super smooth and chocolatey, made with fresh cream, cocoa butter, real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, white chocolate and caramel. Trust me when I say it won’t last long. Oh and anything you buy from 31Dover.com you can add a gift box to which makes it really special.


A real treat the Dotty Bird Lavender Eye Pillows from Laura Felicity Designs have the perfect look for Easter. I love the Dotty Bird print, it is gorgeous. Plus it will help you relax and sleep, two things I prefer to chocolate! At £14.00 these linen eye pillows using 100% UK lavender are worth every penny.


I may have promised no eggs, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to include a sweet treat! These Haribo Sweet Trees from Find Me A Gift can be personalised and just look stunning, I mean, what a centerpiece. Having crafted an Easter Tree I liked the idea of complimenting it with a Sweet Tree, we can graze on the sweets for ages and it really has that wow factor. £25.99.


The Spring Awakening Crockery from Villerory and Boch would make a wonderful present for someone, and I like that it’s something people could group together on. Someone getting some plates and another some cups and so on. It’s just really very pretty.

Disclosure – I have been sent a selection of items to consider for Easter Coverage. I have only recommended those I truly would buy myself.

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