Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays 2021

Normally before a school holiday I’d write something about our plans, what we’d be up to and where we’d be visiting. Maybe even a review or two about local attractions for other people to consider. Things are a bit different at the moment though.

Last year I didn’t write anything, basically all of last year I struggled to blog, I’ve only just got my mojo back really. This year I didn’t want to tempt fate by making plans only to have them dashed. As it turns out we really enjoyed our Easter Holidays, so I’m writing about that.

Orford Castle
We met friends at Orford Castle
Seeing people

With the restrictions lifting a little to allow outdoor socialising we actually saw people. We went for a lovely walk with my parents, L was delighted to spend time with his grandad. We went to see a friend at her new house and walked to the nearby playground so L could play and we could catch up. L also got to spend some time with his other grandparents whilst I was at work, so a full complement of grandparents for him.

We finally got to see my sister and meet my newest niece. She’s precious! It was one of things L was most excited about doing, he’s missed his cousins so much. It was nice to catch up with them all and spend a bit of time talking and laughing.

We also met up with some friends of ours and their son. We all went for a lovely walk and a picnic, geocaching led the way and the boys had an absolute blast. We’d been trying to catch up since the summer but everytime we found a date that worked with all of our schedules the rules and restrictions changed meaning that we couldn’t.

Walking at High Ash Farm
Walking at High Ash Farm
A new car

We decided it was time to sell my car. The exhaust falling of it as I was driving along the A47 was the final nail in the coffin on that front. I was a bit sad having had it from new, but it was definitely the right decision.

Not being fussed about what I drive we decided to get a new car for husb, he’d been hankering after one for a while. So a lot of research and many, many phone calls later we found what he wanted and bought it. Online, with no test drive or anything. I nerve wracking experience.

It was quite a distance away, but we had arranged to part ex my car so husb drove that too them ready to drive back home in his new car. Only that wasn’t to be as it was damaged. So he was stranded for four hours whilst they fixed it!! It was late that day before he got home, exhausted but with the car.

To add insult to injury a few days later the car alarm started going off and would not stop. Not even if you were driving it!! This of course happened in the evening, just to cause maximum disruption. Husb drove it out of the village whilst I desperately googled fixes, We eventually shut it up but could barely sleep for the worry of it starting up again, which it did, but thankfully not until the next morning. We took it straight to a local garage and they had to replace a part, which thankfully was covered bu a warranty, but it was just so stressful and so inconvenient, not at all how we planned on spending a chink of the Easter Holidays.

Thankfully I think we’re fine now!

Exploring the Lizard
Exploring the Lizard
Football Camp

Sports are back for children. Hooray.

L needed to be back at his football club more than he needed to be back at school. Picking him up and watching that confidence start to blossom and hearing him being excited about something filled my heart.

I’d booked him on a little two day camp with one of his friends, so they could have some fun and I could work. I also thought it would help get him back into the swing of things before his weekly evening sessions started up again.

No sooner had I got that all booked for the Thursday and Friday of his last week off I got an email to say he also go all day on the Sunday to make up for all the evening sessions he had missed. Well the excitement. Then we found out his little friend was also going on the Sunday, it was meant to be.

Was he tired of football? Was it too much? NO! He loved it all. Even playing through hailstorms and freezing weather, eating his packed lunch sheltering at the side of the building. He had the best time and it did him good to have some days out by himself, away from us.

I’ve noticed his separation anxiety has gone back to almost toddler level, thanks to the lockdowns and being with us every waking moment. Going back to school has been a nightmare. But going back to football, something he loves, has started to give him back that confidence and knowledge that he doesn’t need to be with us to have fun and be ok. So despite not being there football camp has been a highlight of the Easter Holidays for me.

Roydon Fen
The beautiful Roydon Fen

Not surprisingly we’ve got a lot of walking done during the Easter Holidays. Geocaching played a large part in our days out too!

We went on a lovely walk with my parents, following a route I used to walk when I lived at home with them. I’d often take the dog out by myself and it was nice to show L, also there were plenty of caches to be found and my mum really wanted to give it a go, even though it was dad who leapt at the chance to scramble up a bank and hang of a tree to collect one!

We went on a gorgeous walk at the coast with our friends as I had mentioned and that was another caching day. After seeing my sister we popped into Norwich for the first time in 12 months, it was odd to see the city so quiet, we strolled down by the river which has always been a favourite area of mine and whilst the city centre had been very quiet down by the river was bustling a complete reverse on what we were used to.

We discovered a new fen near us which we spent a pleasant hour or so walking around, it was only little but perfectly formed. It was very funny when the boardwalk husb was standing on sunk into the water and we had to make a bridge out of a fallen log. L and I returned to one of our favourite spots the Roman Town at Caistor St Edmunds for a walk and I went back there with husb whilst L was at football camp for a walk around the farm opposite.

It has been lovely just to be able to travel a little bit further to go walking, with the easing in restrictions it is the being able to go a bit further and see people that has made the difference to us.

Other notable things

That was pretty much it for us. The two weeks whizzed by and we seemed to be busy almost every day.

We made time to just chill out at home and play. We also had to deal with broken heating. Fitted in an Easter Egg hunt and dealt with all the weather. Hot one minute and snow the next!

Certainly been the oddest weather over the last few weeks, changing multiple times in a day! Now the Easter holidays are over I’m on the countdown for half term when at least I will be able to take L back to his beloved zoo.

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