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It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I cannot ignore the fact L will be starting schools this year. It’s only a couple of weeks until we find out if he got a place at the school in our village. But whilst September may be a lifetime away for him, it’s really not for me and I should start to get organised. Step one – Labels. Clothes, shoes, stationery and bags, you name it’ll need labelling and that’s where Easy2Name Labels comes in. 

Our labels arrived promptly and are great quality

Easy2Name has been selling labels for over 17 years now. They started as a small cottage industry making and packing labels from owner Melanie’s spare room and are now selling labels all over the world.

They offer personalised Name Labels and can label just about anything from bottles, lunch boxes, shoes, clothing and travel items. The labels are waterproof and both dishwasher and washing machine safe – perfect!!

Our fab and funky set (L’s name removed, obviously)

When the lovely folk at Easy2Name got in touch and I had a quick browse of their site I immediately thought of the school starter set. Perfect for us, it has everything I need to get him ready. Though I was sorely tempted by the crafting items, because I really think I need personalised ribbon in my life. But I was good and stuck to the sensible choice of labelling his school items.

There are a few starter sets to choose from but the Fab and Funky School Set was really appealing, It’s bold, bright, so personal to the child and just a bit different.

The large stickers are great and I love how it’s a whole scene, not just a car or tractor

In the set you get 20 large stickers, 30 mini stickers, 3 pairs of shoe stickers, 35 StickEasy labels for clothes, a large bag tag and three mini bag tags. Phew. That’s a lot.

With these stickers you get to choose the theme, we went for transportation which has tractors, motorbikes, trains and lorries, all of L’s favourite things. But there are so many options, butterflies, dinosaurs, camo, space, sports, school, sea life to name a few. I got L to help me choose as I’ve been trying to get him onboard with the whole school thing and little things like this help get him excited about it. Oh and of course you personalise them with your child’s name.

Mini Stickers and Shoe Labels

Now I’ve not bought all his school bits yet, so I’m saving most of the labels but we were just too excited to not use any of them.

The large stickers are really bright and colourful, we’ve used one on his water bottle for nursery and I can see them being really useful on any folders he needs and on his lunch box. I love that the stickers are freezer safe and dishwasher proof. In fact I would say his label has stood up to the dishwasher better than his bottle!

All his clothes will be named with these amazing little fellas

The mini stickers are long and thin, I’ll use those for pencils and stationery items. They’ll also go on any toys that make it out of the house with him, they are brilliant on the bottom of his cars and tractors and stop them getting muddled with the nursery toys, so will certainly be perfect for school.

I’m loving the shoe labels. We popped a set straight into his wellies, which are getting worn almost daily at the moment. These are the only shoe labels I’ve come across that don’t need a top cover and I like the simple idea of them being foot shaped, both left and right, just a little visual aid to help get the shoes oto the right feet.

The large bag tag will fit four lines of text of you need

Now the StickEasy labels need a special mention. They are clothing labels that require neither sewing nor ironing, whoop!  Just stick them onto the care label inside the clothes and leave 24 hours before washing. They are washing machine and tumble dryer safe and on the couple of shirts I’ve tested are on their 4th launder (both wash and tumble) in a week and are going strong. Though people are starting to wonder why I’m always dressing him in the same clothes.

The bag tags are fairly self explanatory, the large tag is great and we’re saving it for his school bag. It’s nice and sturdy as is the attaching loop. I quite like the mini tags though, they are great for keyrings and come with those silver ball hanging loops (I hope you know what I mean). I think they will be perfect for pencil cases, sports bags and anything just that bit smaller.

Love these mini tags

The whole kit costs £39.95 and I reckon it’ll see me through the whole school year. Worth every penny for not having to sew anything and if stops me having to replace a single pair of shoes or a school jumper then I’ll be in profit.

Disclosure – I was gifted my set in return for an honest review.

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