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So that they knew I would be having a lovely meal on Mother’s Day Hello Fresh sent me one of their lovely boxes packed full of everything I would need to make three delicious recipes.

My Hello Fresh Delivery
My Hello Fresh Delivery

I chose to have the vegetarian box as I wanted to be sure I would benefit from it, so one day I got a very heavy box delivered with everything, herbs, spices, vegetables, easy to follow recipes, everything I needed to create three amazing meals to feed four people. As it it turns out, it could feed four very hungry people!

Unpacking the layers of food!
Unpacking the layers of food!

Firstly I was very impressed with the packaging, there wasn’t what I would call an excessive amount, vegetables were loose where possible, there weren’t too many bags just one big one for everything that was being kept cool. Importantly nothing was damaged and everything was still cool.

Yes, there is even more!
Yes, there is even more!

My recipes were delicious, I even got one of the new Jamie Oliver ones to try out, although this ended up being my least favourite, mainly as I don’t like aubergines or olives that formed a large part of it.

A huge pot of delicious Thai Sweet Potato Curry
A huge pot of delicious Thai Sweet Potato Curry

Before I get into the food itself for me the positives were:

  • Getting to try something new
  • Getting pre-measured, fresh ingredients, saving me buying jars of spices that would only ever be partially used
  • The easy to follow recipe cards
  • The large portion sizes, it’s always a worry something will say it serves four but in reality only serves two
  • Not having to do my usual large grocery shop
  • Getting scrummy food for a few nights
  • Having recipes you can keep and make time and time again should you want

    One of the two Goats Cheese Tarts
    One of the two Goats Cheese Tarts

The negatives:

  • It’s not a cheap option, it does offer value for money, real value for money but it could be too much for some people
  • If you get a recipe that includes an ingredient you don’t, or worse an entire recipe, like there is a lot of waste
  • You have to eat it quite quickly as it is fresh which makes it difficult when plans change

None of the negatives are insurmountable, not by any stretch, if you opt for the Classic Box you can make swaps, the subscription options are really flexible so you can just pause and restart your deliveries and the major thing of the food being so yummy you;re not going to want to change plans!

One portion of tart with green beans, delicious and filling
One portion of tart with green beans, delicious and filling

For my meals I got and these are ranked in order of amazingness:

Rustic Leek and Goat’s Cheese Tart with Roasted Walnuts – Rating – The best food I have eaten in my whole entire life and I made it myself! I think could actually live of this for the rest of my life.

Thai Sweet Potato and Baby Corn Panang Curry – Rating – Incredibly tasty, really filling and again couldn’t believe I’d made it for myself. I would have liked a bit less rice and thicker sauce though.

Jamie’s Incredible Sicilian Aubergine Stew with Couscous – Rating – Nice but I wouldn’t worry about having it again. This recipe above all the other’s one show cased the beauty of the Hello Fresh concept, the sheer level of ingredients required would mean that I would have never attempted this on any other occasion.

I was impressed with Hello Fresh and would certainly get it again, maybe not regularly as I found my husband didn’t like the vegetarian options I was sent very much and I of course wouldn’t eat the meat ones, but for me it was a real treat to get to eat some really yummy meals.

Disclosure – we were gifted our box in return for an honest review.

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