Emunity Detox Soft Drink Review

Just before L broke up for the Easter Holidays he trotted home telling me that you could actually eat Nettles! He was amazed. How do they not sting you? What do they taste like? Why would you want to? The timing was rather apt as I had just received my samples of Emunity, a detox health drink that contains Nettle for its healing and immunity-boosting benefits.

Now I did actually know that Stinging Nettles could be consumed and that in fact they had been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Though I had never actually tried it myself, in any form, I was rather looking forward to trying the the two different Emunity flavours, Wild Strawberry and Gooseberry.

Now before I get carried away here is some information about what makes the Nettle such a clever little plant. Nettle contains a significant amount of biologically active compounds, particularly carotenoids and polyphenols, that are good for you and your body. Nettle is known to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, it reduces the effects of skin photoaging, helps in fighting the symptoms of hay fever. It has anti-bacterial properties and boosts your immune system. Wow!


These drinks don’t stop at just Nettles though, each flavour has been thought out for flavour and health benefits using natural ingredients like Meadowsweet, known for reducing the symptoms of cold and bronchitis, Dandelion which helps treat digestive conditions and Thyme which as well as being antibacterial, helps boost immunity and improve your mood. Now this is literally just a snapshot of the ingredients and their benefits. Each ingredient I have mentioned has many more benefits and then there are the ingredients I haven’t mentioned!

Basically these drinks are just full of goodness and each of the two flavours has its own specialialities.

Emunity Wild Strawberry contains immune boosting Nettle, wild strawberries, meadowsweet, chamomile and cucumber. This drink is packed with nutrients and antioxidants which help to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and oxidative stress. After easing L back into school after months of homeschooling I reckon my blood pressure could do with the help.

Emunity Gooseberry contains immune boosting Nettle, gooseberries, dandelion, rosemary and thyme. This drink is packed with nutrients which help improve eyesight and memory, reduce the risk of cancer and even help slow the aging process.


I can’t say if any of these benefits are true or not. I have no reason to believe they wouldn’t be, but after trying one can of each, I obviously couldn’t feel any changes in myself! What I can attest to is the flavour.

I went for the Wild Strawberry first, not being a massive fan if cucumber in my drinks I wasn’t actually expecting to like it. But the cucumber is just a delicate and refreshing background note, not at all overpowering or unpleasant. The sweetness of the strawberry shone through and made for a very pleasant light and summery drink that quenched my thirst and was easily drank.

I next tried the Gooseberry, a few days later, when I felt the need for a little pick me up. I didn’t enjoy the Gooseberry as much as the Wild Strawberry flavour. Whilst pleasant I’d hoped for more gooseberry and less of the rosemary and thyme flavours. The herbs gave it an almost savoury vibe which just wasn’t me. All flavours I enjoy individually but I think I just like my drinks sweeter. That being said I would happily drink it again, I would just choose the Wild Strawberry first.

Emunity is 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients and only 53 calories a can. It is the first drink to blend Nettles and English Garden Herbs to create a detox drink.

Emunity is available from www.Emunity.co.uk, Amazon, and independent health stores from 8th March in 250ml grab-and-go cans. RRP £1.49

Disclosure – I was gifted my samples. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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