The Eternity Rose

The Eternity Rose – A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Roses are a classic gift for Valentine’s Day aren’t they. They represent love. Smell gorgeous and look amazing. A dozen red roses can set you back a good chunk of money and won’t last long. So why not get something truly unique that will last forever? You can with The Eternity Rose

The Eternity Rose
Beautifully packaged

The Eternity Rose is a really simple idea. Pick a rose at the height of it’s perfection and preserve it forever in Gold. A gift that lasts, looks beautiful and is the perfect symbol of your love.

The Eternity Rose
Each rose is unique

As well as being able to have a gold rose, you can choose silver or platinum. My favourite option, however, are the glazed roses, the glaze allows you to see the colour of the rose petals and leaves. It is then edged with gold.

The Eternity Rose
The display box keeps your rose safe and makes a perfect display

I love yellow roses. I always have done. I don’t know why, but they have just always appealed to me more. In the garden we have several roses, red, white, an amazing  purple rose that smells devine, but my favourite is this scraggly yellow rose bush. It is in awful condition and was left in the garden by the previous occupants, but I can’t bring myself to dig it up as the yellow blooms each year are just perfect and make me smile.

The Eternity Rose
Everything about this gift is luxurious

So when it came to choosing an Eternity Rose for myself, out of all the options and colours available I of course went for the yellow glazed rose.

The Eternity Rose
Each Rose comes with a certificate of authenticity

It is perfect. More perfect than I could have ever imagined. When my delivery arrived at was boxed and wrapped carefully. Inside the postage packaging I found a a cream box, branded in gold. This box hides the PU brown leather, blue velvet lined display box. This is the box that shaped and padded holds your rose. A rose as light as a feather that you can hold and admire. You can see the veins in the petals, the lines on the leaves. Feel the bumps and notches on the stem. The gold shines and the glaze has captured the fresh and bold colour of the rose before it even starts to fade. Capturing it’s beauty and allowing you to enjoy it forever.

The Eternity Rose
Look how pretty it is

I love my rose, it really is the perfect gift for valentine’s day. I’m not going to lie though, it is rather expensive. My yellow glazed rose is £109.00, which is well priced for the craftsmanship, quality and value of the gold, but still, it’s expensive. So I think it would be a great wedding gift, something the newly weds could keep forever. Or an amazing gift for a special wedding anniversary or to celebrate the birth of a child. The price certainly warrants amore one off special occasion.

The Eternity Rose
A perfectly displayed rose bloom

If you love the idea of The Eternity Rose but maybe can’t afford a whole rose this valentine’s day then you could look at the jewellery they make, it starts at £51.00 and still uses real petals.

The Eternity Rose
You can see every detail

Disclosure – I was gifted my Rose in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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    1. They are certainly above what I would usually spend! I love the jewellry though and think that’s quite reasonably priced, certainly more within my budget

  1. It is very beautiful and a special occasion would be a lovely and thoughtful gift x

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