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Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts from intu Chapelfield

Still need to get your Dad a gift for Sunday. I’m here to prove that it’s easy. On Monday L and I headed into Norwich and went to intu Chapelfield, we walked away with bags full of great gifts.

We had been set a challenge. Prove that you can get great gifts for less than £50.00. No socks allowed. Have fun. We could get one big gift, or lots of little ones, that was up to us. We had a £50 intu voucher to spend, which can be used at all the shops inside intu Chapelfield apart from the food and drink outlets.

intu Chapelfield
Getting ready to start our intu Chapelfield Father’s Day challenge

We were well up for this challenge. As I treat we took the Park and Ride into Norwich. L loves the bus, so it worked out nicely for me. It is only a short walk from the bus station to intu Chapelfield, L loves a bus ride so much it seems silly to do it any other way.

intu Chapelfield
SO much chocolate to choose from

There a lot of shops to choose from. I had already thought to myself we should get him some nice chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. L picked out a lovely Father’s Day box, only little, but still very sweet. Other than the chocolates I didn’t really have any ideas, so I let L take the lead, it’s his daddy after all.

intu Chapelfield
Having a look round the upper floor

We had a look in The Perfume Store but whilst L was intrigued by the shiny bottles he wasn’t overly taken by anything.  Then we strolled through House of Fraser, there were some lovely shirts I thought about and plenty of other gifts to choose from, but ultimately I couldn’t find anything quite right and I needed to get L away from the escalators, he would have just rode them all day otherwise.

intu Chapelfield
Boots had some lovely gifts

Next we popped into Boots, mainly because I needed some painkillers, but they had some great Father’s Day gifts, many of which were half price. L loved a Ted Baker body spray gift set, he liked the striped bottles. He asked what they were and I explained, he wanted them for his Daddy because ‘Daddy likes smelly things’. I’m not one to question his reasoning, so we went with it.

intu Chapelfield
Plenty more shops on the ground floor

After fending off cries to look round the Disney Store we headed into HMV. L wanted to get his Daddy Sing, Secret Life of Pets or Despicable Me. I did point out that we already owned two of them and had only watched Sing together the day before. We did get him a John Wick box set on Blu-Ray though. It was the only gift I had any say in! Then at the till she saw a Cars 3 book which we needed to get Daddy, because ‘Daddy wants to see McQueen and needs to read it to me at bedtime’. I realise that L was really picking it for himself but actually his reasoning was sound and it’s nice to get them something they can share together.

intu Chapelfield
A cheeky McDonalds in the food court

We obviously needed to get a card, so into Clinton’s we went. L picked out a great Legend Among Dads card for husb and I grabbed a card for my Dad as well. We also got a gift bag to put everything in. There were lots of nice little pocket money gifts in Clinton’s, which I will keep in mind for other events. Things like mugs, sweets, socks, bears and other little gifts.

intu Chapelfield
Heading Home Happy

Our final stop was Flying Tiger. At Christmas I had given L free range of the store to choose his Daddy’s gifts and I liked the idea of keeping the tradition going. You never know what he’ll pick in Flying Tiger, but you do know it won’t break the bank. Christmas saw a novelty pencil, a Christmas Tree hat/mask affair and a clapping hands fly swat. Father’s Day L very sweetly picked out a giant heart shaped lollipop, two in actual fact, one for him and one his daddy to share together.

intu Chapelfield
Cards and gift bag from Clintons

That was that. Our £50 budget had covered so many gifts. After all that shopping it was time for lunch, so we headed upstairs to the food court for our lunch. As L had been so good I treated him to a McDonald’s. Then, tired and full we headed back to the bus.

I loved he Father’s Day theme from Hotel Chocolat

L was so excited about everything he picked out. He put everything in the gift bag. Did a very good drawing of a bus inside the card and then waited for his daddy to come home. He was desperate to give husb all his gifts and knowing he would read about them on here before Sunday I didn’t see the harm.

intu Chapelfield
John Wick and Cars from HMV

This means I got to watch L happily giving his daddy some wonderful gifts and I know that we picked well as husb was ever so happy with everything.

intu Chapelfield
The cutest lollipops from Flying Tiger

So if you still need to get a gift why not pop to intu Chapelfield. We found it so easy to find some amazing gifts and there was so much choice. I actually thought what a great present the gift cards make. With so much choice and shops to spend them in they are pretty ideal. The only downside would be that I wouldn’t get to spend a fun day out with my boy.

intu Chapelfield
Ted Baker Gift Set from Boots

Disclosure – I was given a £50 gift card to enable me to write this post. All opinions are my own.

intu Chapelfield
intu Chapelfield Gift Voucher

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