Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s nearly time for Father’s Day. A day I enjoy so much more than Mother’s Day. I love shopping for the perfect gift and sitting down and making keepsakes with L. With only a few weeks to go I’ve pulled together a great list of gift ideas. So here it is, my Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
Coros LINX Bike Helmet from Halfords

Got a dad who loves cycling? Halfords some great offerings but I think the Coros LINX, Bluetooth enabled, Smart Bike helmet, has to be one of the best. Husb loves his. It’s certainly a luxury gift at £179.99 but it is so clever. Not only tracking your route, speed and other important stats using the Coros app, but allowing you take calls and listen to music without the need for sound blocking and potentially dangerous headphones. It is hands down husb’s favourite gift.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017
I Love Dad Walkers Shortbread

A simple, yet delicious gift, is the I Love Dad tin of shortbread from Walkers Shortbread. It’s pack to the brim with crumbly, buttery, delicious shortbread goodness and it only costs £5. What better way to enjoy Father’s Day, then with a cuppa and shortbread to dunk. The I love Dad Tin is available exclusively from www.walkersshortbread.com

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
7th Heaven Men’s Masks

For a really relaxing treat, that can be done from the comfort of your home, 7th Heaven have some great men’s face masks. Husb really likes the 5 Minute Fabric Mask as it’s so quick and easy. They are all very high quality. You know they are also cruelty free.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017
Lilly O’Briens Ultimate Chocolate Collection

Now if the Dad you are buying for is anything like my husband. Chocolates are always a hit. Plus he can share them with the kids, maybe, unlikely but maybe. I love Lily O’Briens Ultimate Chocolate Collection. So many fabulous fillings and a selcetion of box sizes and prices you can find the gift for your budget, knowing everything is really great quality.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017
Nivea Men Care & Protect

There are some great products in the newly revamped Nivea Men Protect & Care Range. From a refreshing Post Shave Lotion to an amazingly hydrating Shower Gel. You can pick the right selection of products to keep Dad cared for this Father’s Day. Plus it’s available from so many shops you won’t have any troubles finding some.

Fathers Day Gift Gift 2017
Legends of the Track puzzle

For a classic gift I like the Falcon de luxe ‘Legends of the Track’ 1000pc Puzzle. A fab gift for puzzle enthusiast or race fan from Jumbo Games. We love a good puzzle in this house. It’s not just the physical gift of the puzzle, but the thought that went into the chosen design and the time you are also given to complete it. A brilliant idea for any dad.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
Simoniz Award Winners collection

Another great gift for the car loving dad is Simoniz Award Winners Car Cleaning Collection. You can get it from from Halfords for £15.00. In the box you’ll get Back to Black Tyre Shine, Simoniz Ultracare Alloy Cleaner, Simoniz Mixra Glass Cleaner, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner and Insect and Tar Remover. Everything you need for an all round clean. 

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
Meantime Brewing

Meantime Brewing are offering an unusual little beer soap or a fabulously presented Barrel Aged Porter alongside a hos of other gifts for the beer loving dad. I love that the Porter comes boxed, making it a bit more special. I’m a fan of the bright green soap too. It’s just a bit different. If you’re near the Brewery in Greenwich you could even go along for a tour.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017
NiteIze Steelie Car Mount

Fed up of trying to find an in car phone holder that works? Well the tiny but amazing magnetic NiteIze Steelie Car Mount Kit is perfect. It’s such a simple design, but it manages to be stylish, work amazingly well and be almost unnoticeable all at the same time. It’s the perfect gift for the dad on the go. (There is no chance at all this mum has stolen it from the present pile and kept it for herself, oh no, no chance at all cough). It truly is superb.

Dislcosure – I received these products so I could try them and hopefully include them in this guide. But I have only included items that I (and husb) genuinely enjoyed using.

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