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Feature Walls with MuralsWallpaper

After a long hard summer we finished our extension. Getting it built was only part of the project though. Sure having a larger, secure and watertight area was lovely but it needed flooring, decorating and furnishing. MuralsWallpaper were there to help.

MuralsWallpaper Feature Wall
Our beautiful feature wall

With the now extended living area, completely new spare room, storage cupboard and now distinctly longer hallway to paint and not much time or patience left and a very exciting, but out of my comfort zone, feature wall to arrange we needed help!

A blank wall crying out for help

We got a great local firm to do all the painting and decorating for us. They did an awesome job, professional and fast they made what would have been a massive job for us seem easy.

Our whole mural was in this tube!

A huge part of what they did for us was hang our custom fit, feature wall mural from MuralsWallpaper. They had kindly arranged for us to have the mural of our choice in our new living area and I love it.

MuralsWallpaper Feature Wall
Our first look was so exciting

It is the main focus of our new room and it was important we get it right. We have this lovely, large new family space and we wanted to bring the outdoors in so opted for a beautiful, autumnal forest scene.

It’s misty and grey but with beautiful flashes bright green and lush grass, golden yellow leaves and warm browns and oranges. I liked the depth of it, you look through the trees expecting to see grazing deer or scampering squirrels. It’s a massive feature but somehow also subtle and not overpowering. To say we love it is an understatement.

MuralsWallpaper Feature Wall
L trying to hide in the woods. I think he needs practice!

We coupled it with light grey walls, white washed wood effect laminate flooring, our light wood furniture and brown leather sofas and tied it all together with yellow highlights in out blinds, cushions and light shades.

Train tracks
It has just fitted into our room so perfectly. The backdrop to our lives.

Whilst we were worried about hanging the mural, it was actually just a case of simply hanging wallpaper, just making sure it lined up. As neither of us had actually wallpapered before I’m still pleased we got professional help though.

James cat is certainly happy to be outdoors without getting his paws dirty

To be fair the hardest thing about this whole experience was choosing which mural to go with, MuralsWallpaper have so many to choose from. Landscapes, cityscapes, bold geometrics, subtle textures and amazing images.

I would certainly do it again and would even brave hanging it myself, the istrctions were excellent. When we re-decorate L’s room in a few years I think a moon image would be fabulous and I rather like the idea of one of the amazing maps for my office space.

MuralsWallpaper Feature Wall
It just works so well with our whole room

Everyone who visits comments on our woodland wonderland and it has pulled the whole room together, we’ve been really happy with our experience.

Disclosure – we were kindly gifted our mural in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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  1. The mural looks amazing! I have been eyeing up one of their dinosaur murals and this post has convinced me to go for it!

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