Feeling Calm #10

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

I feel a bit of a fraud this week, writing a post about feeling calm when I have been far from it. I have been tired, irritable, overwhelmed and over stretched and this resulted in my completely loosing it with the little one yesterday which needless to say made feel super shitty. This week more so than most I have felt the burden of everything lay on me, my immediate support system is not the best and I need to admit this and reach out more.

My Cheeky Little Woodpecker
My Cheeky Little Woodpecker

I’ve been trying everything I can to help me maintain some semblance of calm, writing my journal, meditating when I get a chance, which isn’t as much as I’d like or need, walking and trying to go to bed at a good time, but ultimately returns to one thing, time. So I need to get a lot better at managing it, so I have time, time for me, 10 minutes a day shouldn’t be so hard to find, I just need to make sure I do it as it sure as hell isn’t going to be given to me.

Importantly there have been lovely things this week so here are my top ten moments from the last 7 days:

Would you all hurry up
Would you all hurry up
  1. A nice walk in town to get some new books from the library and grab some bits from the shop, L insisted on carrying, well pulling, the basket himself and choosing some random things for us to eat. Who doesn’t want raspberries and a leg of lamb for lunch?!
  2. Our first ever Easter Egg hunt for L, so much fun and so cute to watch, a bit early but we’re going away for Easter and I need to write about it 🙂
  3. Going to Flixton Aviation Museum so L could see all the planes and spend time with his grandparents.
  4. A lovely walk at Thetford High Lodge, getting outside and playing as a family. 

    Fun at Flixton
    Fun at Flixton
  5. Running back and forward on the GIANT seesaw at High Lodge with L, he loved it.
  6. Arranging to try out some great diet plans, project bridesmaid is getting ready to start. It will hopefully help me be a bit happier and healthier too.
  7. Husb actually coming home from work a few minutes early to help out when I completely lost it.
  8. Arranging a week away in Devon, so looking forward to a holiday!!
  9. Getting an extra day with L, even though it was because he was still recovering from being poorly. 
  10. Going back to internet shopping, getting groceries delivered is way nicer than a toddler in the supermarket. 
    In a boat, holding a plane, what could be better?
    In a boat, holding a plane, what could be better?

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week, otherwise I’m not sure I’d make it through!!

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Calm #10”

  1. I think that writing about calm & positive things when you are feeling low is a great thing to do & certainly doesn’t make you a fraud. You had a great week – it’s good to think about those great moments. I hope this week is more positive for you. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk x

  2. Sometimes its the small things that make our day. Love your list, I will be having our first easter hunt soon too x

    1. I loved our egg hunt, I’m glad I waited until he was a bit older to finally do one. Have a great time! Xc

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