Feeling Calm

Feeling Calm #128

For my birthday a couple of years ago I was given a great book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends. To help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday since and on Wednesday’s (or late on a Tuesday) I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites.

A little bit of a quieter week for us. Busy around the house and trying to make the most of the last of summer before L starts school.

Here are my top ten moments from the last 7 days:

Feeling Calm

  1. L was a complete star driving home from Southampton, we only stopped once and there were no complaints. We had a busy day ahead so I was a bit worried about him being tired and grumpy but he was awesome.

Feeling Calm

  1. Going out for a nice meal for my Father in Law’s Birthday, we popped to The Last Pub Standing in Norwich which has been done up recently, had a lovely meal and few a few more Go Go Hares on the way to the pub and on the way back to the hotel afterwards. L loved the fact you could see through the floor in one section of the pub and there was a skeleton!!

Feeling Calm

  1. Thursday morning I woke long before both L and husb. So I made the most of having stayed in Norwich overnight, snuck out of the room and went to find me some more Hares! It was lovely to just get a bit of time to myself and have a good brisk walk. Being about so early reminded me of working in the city too, the only thing I missed was my walk from the car to the office, so to get to do it again was great.

Feeling Calm

  1. Spending the whole day on the Broads. We had a picnic boat from Herbert Woods and it was just delightful. Being out boating on The Broads is one of my favourite places to be and we even found the Ice Cream boat, something we hadn’t managed to track down before. L was so excited!

Feeling Calm

  1. Friday should have been such a boring day, it was supposed to be anyway! I had a million loads of laundry to do and L need a rest. We did loads of little odd jobs, sorted the rest of his uniform, started hatching a dinosaur, completed his first school project and played. It was actually a really nice day.

Feeling Calm

  1. Saturday was boring for me, I worked all day to help me take the time off during the week I need for L starting school on two weeks worth of half days. L however, had the best day. He got to go to the zoo with his daddy and his best friend.

The Field

  1. More work for me on Sunday but Husb completed his first half marathon. I wish I had been able to see him run it, despite not being there it is still a highlight for me. I came home with pizza and chocolate for him and we celebrated by watching a film together with L.

Feeling Calm

  1. L got to spend more time with his best mate on Monday. The boys played together so sweetly and I got to have a good catch up with my friend and share our school worries. When L got home he found he had been delivered an amazing toy field to play with, which made my afternoon of painting his bedroom so much easier!

Feeling Calm

  1. L’s new carpet is in, whoop!! He loves it and spent a substantial amount of time rolling on it after it was fitted. I did manage to persuade him out for a quick drive to see the Harleston Hare, but he was so eager to get home we essentially turned right back around afterwards! He’s obsessed.

Feeling Calm

  1. As I am busy trying to squeeze every last moment out of the summer holidays we went to the beach today, despite the rain and despite his mattress being delivered in the afternoon. We went to the arcade, found two more Hares, had a cheeky McDonald’s for lunch and made it back with literally five minutes to spare. L won a jackpot ticket payout too, so he was delighted and now has more sweets than a four year old should and is not overly accepting of my rationing!

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

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  1. Lots of lovely time for L this week. Sounds like you have been busy with work but also got some fab times, before school started. Lovely to get some time alone too! Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

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