Feeling Calm

Feeling Calm #145

For my birthday a couple of years ago I was given a great book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends. To help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday since and on Wednesday’s (or late on a Tuesday) I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites.

It has been a lovely week, good to be back to some form of normality! It’s been busy, I’ve had my birthday and L has gone back to school but despite that it’s still felt calmer than over the Christmas period.

Here are my top ten moments from the last 7 days:

Feeling Calm
A little walk in the dark

1 –  Last day of the school holidays and i just wanted to spend some time with the kid. Husb was back at work and I was looking forward to some one on one time. It wasn’t to be though. I had a sinus infection and husb ended up working from home. We ended the day going for a walk in the dark and that moment was just perfect.

Silent Sunday

2 – After I had dropped L to school I walked home to find a rainbow over our house. I’m taking it as a good omen for the year to come, so pretty.

Feeling Calm
I made the cutest bracelet

3 – An evening crafting and relaxing by myself. I love all the festive socialising but it takes it out of me. So a night with husb out and the child asleep is the perfect tonic. Just me, the cat and Netflix.

Feeling Calm
Thanks for the prosecco!

4 – Coming home to find husb had ordered us a chinese as a little pre-birthday treat. I had been having a bit of a day of it thanks to some rather thoughtless comments that had been thrown my way by people I sadly can’t just ignore. It was a lovely treat.

my birthday
I have been so spoilt

5 – I had the nicest shift at work. One of my friends had got me a lovely birthday present and another paid for the pizza and prosecco I had got to cheer myself up after another tough day on the personal front. It was enough to make me realise there was no point wasting time feeling sad about people who never realise nor care that their actions were hurtful, instead I should spend time with the people who love me and make me happy.

Feeling Calm
Love this colouring book

6 – Watching L open all my presents and then waiting until he passed them over to find out what I had actually got! I was thoroughly spoilt and am lucky to have people who know me so well.

Feeling Calm
Always a pleasure to hang out with this one

7 – A morning spent crafting and painting. My friend got me an awesome colouring/painting book that you just add water to create these amazing pictures. It was lovely to get some time to do my own thing for a bit.

Feeling Calm
Heading to the ice rink

8 – A lovely walk around Norwich before heading to Turtle Bay for food and birthday cocktails. It was nice having a last look at the Christmas lights with L and I always enjoy a trip to the Bay.

my birthday
We had so much fun skating

9 – Going ice skating with my boys. It was so much fun. I was abit worried L would arrive and not even try but he was straight in there, skates on, penguin grabbed and happily being pushed around the ice. It was nice to do something different.

Feeling Calm
It was so pretty

10 – Getting into work just to be treated to a hot chocolate by another of my friends. Work genuinely is my escape, I am very lucky!

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

I’m linking up with #BloggerClubUK  just because I love them.

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