Feeling Calm

Feeling Calm #160

For my birthday a couple of years ago I was given a great book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends. To help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday since and on Wednesday’s (or late on a Tuesday) I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites.

Another lovely week, especially with half term. I love having the kid home, it’s just great and I’m genuinely sad when he goes back to school. That’s mainly why there wasn’t much activity last week, I was too busy having fun!

Here are my top ten moments from the last couple of weeks:

Feeling Calm
A lovely early morning walk

1 –  I had a lovely long walk in the morning sun. It was refreshing and great to be out by myself. The space and the fresh air does me the world of good.

Feeling Calm
Toy Shop time

2- We started the half term off with a bang, heading to Smyth’s Toys for their Toy Story 4 event which was super fun and the kid spent his pocket money on a new tractor.

Feeling Calm
Yummy milkshake at the Bistro

3 – L and I went out for milkshakes and cake as a little treat. We used to go out all the time before he started school and it’s something we’ve both missed, so it’s nice to pop out just the two of us when I get the opportunity,

Feeling Calm
Cinema trip

4 – We had a family trip to the cinema to watch Secret Life of Pets 2. The perfect way to spend a Sunday, cheeky Nando’s for lunch and a cinema trip. It was really good, funny. We loved the first one so I was happy to see the 2nd.

Feeling Calm
Love getting to see him when I’m at work

5- I had to work on the Bank Holiday but the boys came to see me on my lunch break and we headed to the park to eat our sandwiches and have a little fresh air. Highlight of my day!

Feeling Calm
Fun at the garden centre

6 – We went to meet my sister and parents for lunch at a garden centre near to them. It was fun for L to catch up with everyone as he doesn’t get to see them very often and it turns out the had an epic playground, so he was really happy.

Feeling Calm
Looking handsome after his haircut

7 – Haircut day for the kid was supposed to be a little bit of a break for me to get some work done, but he really wanted me to see him being brave. So we all had to go. It turned into a great morning, I popped off to grab some shopping whilst they were waiting in line at the barbers. Then I got to sit on a bench in the sun with my book, drink and a pack of biscuits until L was ready. We then went back to sit in the sun and do a sticker book whilst daddy got his haircut.

Feeling Calm
Castle Rising

8 – We had a lovely visit to Castle Rising. I love exploring a castle with L. It’s great to see him so excited and having so much fun as he is learning. The questions he asks and information he takes in, all whilst having fun is brilliant.

Feeling Calm
Fun on the Dodgems

9 – We had a really cheesy beach day. Fish and Chips for lunch. Arcades. Sweet shop. Fun fair rides. Hot donuts. It was a blast! So much fun and whilst L enjoyed the castle we visited it was our choice of destination and we have a rule; we pick a day out, he picks a day out. This was his and we made it a good one.

Feeling Calm
Teaching him how to be a swing ball master

10 – With L back at school and the weather still being glorious I treated him to a swingball set for the garden. He’s really starting to love ball games but swing ball reduces the risk of us becoming really annoying to our neighbour! Also I happen to be a swing ball master!

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

I’m linking up with #BloggerClubUK  just because I love them.

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